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5 tips for decorating your home

Choosing the right furniture for your home can be stressful and it’s easy to get carried away by shopping euphoria without having a clear idea. Read our tips.

The first rule of interior design: there are no fixed rules in interior design. Any environment should be comfortable and filled with objects and furniture that you truly love. Of course, it is not as easy as it may seem, and often those who find themselves furnishing an entire apartment can risk having a lot of confusion and indecision, which are also a cause of stress.

Creating welcoming environments in tune with specific tastes and desires is not always simple and fun. But with a few professional tips, you can create beautiful, functional, and full of character spaces.

So, before you start looking for the right furniture, read our top five tips for decorating your home.

  1. Don’t focus on one style

Often, in search of new trends, we talk about specific styles: Scandinavian, country chic, industrial, contemporary … But to have welcoming and fascinating environments it is better not to follow a single line of furniture: combining languages, mixing elements of styles different, makes each environment more interesting.

One thing we notice as interior design professionals is that many people want a particular style for a room, but they tend to overdo it. It’s nice to follow your taste, but if you fill your living room only with white shabby chic furniture, white retro sofas, and pillows, without taking into account some important elements for the interior design, the ensemble will start to look monotonous and unpersonal.

Choosing a theme (colors, materials, and mood) can help you more than leaning towards a specific style. So, certainly, start with your favorite decor style if that’s what you want, but try to add a personal touch with elements from other stylistic expressions. We can assure you that the most appreciated and welcoming interiors are those that do not follow a single furnishing trend. The mix of styles is the new trend!

  1. Choose a focal point and give the furniture the right space

Few people will feel comfortable in a room crammed with furniture and objects. If there are too many things to look at, the eye will not know where to rest, creating confusion. This is why we advise you to give your home the right space to make it stand out. How? By making choices.

You will have to choose the focal point of the room depending on the type of space you are in. So you decide from the start what the focal point of the room will be, then you will organize most of the furniture around this.

For example in a living room, the focal point could be the fireplace, your beautiful vintage armchair, or the large window, etc. It would be a real shame if your room was full of beautiful, but under-valued things.

  1. Living the house and furnishing “slowly”

It is particularly important, especially for those who are furnishing a new home without getting help from an interior design professional, to do it in a “slow” and progressive way. This means, that you literally have to live the environments, before making important decisions, since every decision has a cost (even a significant one) and you may regret it soon.

For example, when you go to a furniture store, don’t be persuaded to buy all the pieces of a set because you see them on display there: your room would risk looking like a catalog page, totally devoid of personality and interest.

Take some time to buy the different elements of a room a little at a time: this gives you the opportunity to evaluate how each piece fits the environment, before adding another and to understand if you really need something new.

Choose the main furniture, the ones you just can’t do without. If you do not have clear ideas, try to prefer clean and simple lines, which make the furnishings timeless. Then wait to see what daily life inside that house suggests to you. There is nothing worse than spending money, which you saved up so hard, only to regret the choices you made. Sometimes, you find that you can reuse an existing or salvaged piece in the attic or in a flea market. Other times you just need to add new textiles or simply move the furniture.

  1. Take into account the architecture

There is no need to transform a room into something it is not. If you have period moldings we all agree to highlight them, but adding cornices around ceilings and walls in the 70s and 80s home isn’t quite the best of ideas.

The speech is similar to what we do about clothing: we need to emphasize our skills and minimize defects or weaknesses, not try to be someone else. Only in this way can we give the best impression of ourselves to others.

Highlight the strengths of the architecture of your home (large windows, a beautiful fireplace, exposure …) and don’t fight it, wanting to make it appear totally different, because it is not in line with your ideal of home.

  1. Each room should have 3 qualities

In your home furnishing project, make sure that each room has these 3 qualities:

Personality: The unique and personal touch is what makes a room interesting. For example, include an unusual item, an heirloom, a piece of art, or even something vintage. Filling your home with brand new furniture and objects can be beautiful, of course, but it is only with pieces that make it unique and special, that you add that personality and soul that every environment needs.

Function: Is it the form that determines the function or vice versa? It’s an old stylistic battle. In our opinion, every room should be as functional as it is beautiful. If the distribution of furniture hinders your daily life, that room will never be welcoming.

Lighting: Not all rooms are lucky enough to have a good source of natural light, but a well-thought-out lighting system can create a truly comfortable space and will bring out the elements and strengths of the room.

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How to clean ceramic cookware

Ceramic pots and pans are now more and more common in the kitchen because their internal coating does not cause food to attack. Above all, ceramic is a good conductor of heat and, causes the heat to spread uniform and rapidly, resulting in a regular cooking process. This will lead to considerable savings on the gas or electricity bill because the times are reduced. Being a material that also lends itself to very high temperatures, these pans do not release any toxic substance and are also very resistant to abrasions and scratches. However, sometimes there are burnt spots and you will have to proceed carefully to remove them. Below, in this short tutorial, we will find helpful tips on how to clean ceramic cookware.

Steps to clean ceramic cookware

You will need:

  • Bleach
  • Sponges
  • Bicarbonate

Step 1:

Most of the time, the ceramic pots burn at the edges so we certainly tried to eliminate the burns with lemon or hot water, but without obtaining satisfactory results. In this situation, it is necessary to refer to the remedies of the past. In fact, any grandmother would recommend filling the sink with four tablespoons of baking soda and water at forty degrees and immersing the pot in it. If that doesn’t work, then you can try two tablespoons of baking soda, pouring them directly onto the pot, and rubbing the entire surface of the pot a little with the non-abrasive side of a wet sponge.

Step 2:

Now, all that remains is to wait about an hour. After this period, always helping us with the non-abrasive side of a wet sponge, we can proceed to remove the dirty part. Attention, remember to always use the utmost delicacy, excluding the abrasive side of the sponge. In this way, you should not have any sort of problem. Our pot should come back clean and without any kind of scratch or abrasion.

Step 3:

Sometimes, it can also happen that we find pots and pans stained with black (not only burnt) after, for example, boiling potatoes. There are serious difficulties in removing the black stain forming, as the screen or the abrasive sponges are also absolutely unsuitable in this case. Indeed they could irreparably damage the pan. Moreover, even the remedies with baking soda may not lead to the desired result. In these circumstances, we can opt for another method that involves using bleach. Poured in small quantities over the entire surface of the pan and, by rubbing lightly with a sponge, we will see the most stubborn stains go away.

Clean ceramic pots and pans with vinegar

If your pots and pans are only lightly soiled, you can wash them by hand as you normally would or by adding water and letting them soak for a while, but what if there is serious food caked on the surfaces? Then follow these directions.


Fill the pot with enough water to cover surfaces with food stains and raise the temperature over medium heat, bringing it to a boil. Add the baking soda. Sprinkle with baking soda. Scrape caked food off the pan with a wooden spoon (note: do not use abrasive utensils as they can ruin the pan’s coating)

Unload and scrape

Remove the water and baking soda from the pot and let it cool for a few minutes. Fill the pan with some vinegar enough to cover surfaces that have food stains, and sprinkle with a good amount of baking soda. If the pan is very dirty, also sprinkle some coarse salt. Wait for the vinegar and baking soda to fizz and work their magic before doing your magic. Use a swab to scrub away the stains until they are gone!

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Shark Vacuum Overheating Problem Quick Fix Guideline

Today we are going to address a shark vacuum that shuts off when you’re using it because it’s overheating. So, what can happen with a vacuum?

If you’re shutting off in this particular, one is a shark and it’s can be common to happen with sharks because they can tend to clog up fairly easily.

Basic Step

Sometimes shark vacuum overheats and it’s a common problem no need to worry about that. If it overheats your first duty is to switch off your shark vacuum and unplug it immediately.

Then check your shark vacuum dust cup, if there is any blockage or dirt just clean it. Check all of your shark vacuum filters if there is any dirt just clean it.

Finally, release your shark vacuum to cool and that’s the basic work you have to do.

For the pet owner, this is compulsory to pick the best shark vacuum for pet hair.

Check Blockage

If your vacuum cleaner is shutting off on you, it’s most likely has a clog or a blockage somewhere. if you’ve checked your filters and those are clean, then you most likely have a clog.

So, I’m going to show you a couple of places to look for that and what we can do is we can break it down.

This is a rotator and so this one has a button here where it says lift away here and so we can pick that up and what you can do is you can look down there and you can drop something through there to see if it comes through the other side and this one doesn’t and we see we have a clog right there.

Now it’s not always just one clog that you are going to find. So don’t assume that a, you clear that out. Don’t assume that everything else is clear.

Check the Hose

So, the next thing that you want to check is your hose and on the sharks there’s debris is coming up through here, going all the way up this wand.

Then turning at the handle, making a 90-degree turn so things can get stuck here and then going all the way back down here, making another 90-degree turn coming up to here to go into your dirt bin.

So, there are many places for sharks to clog because of all the 90-degree turns. Now what you want to do next is hit the lift.

Your wand release button here, and then you can pick this and you can pull this one out and then you can disconnect this and check through and check through here to make sure you don’t have anything stuck in your wand.

Then you need to check your hose so you can unplug it here. But the easiest thing to do is actually to pull it back and hit the button and then pull this out.

So, and then you can see actually we have a clock right here. So, if you have another vacuum cleaner, you can backflush it.

You know unclogging a vacuum hose plainer can be kind of tricky because you can sometimes not reach, not be able to reach the debris that’s stuck in a hose like this.

So that’s where having another vacuum cleaner is quite handy.

So, I’m going to backflush it with a more powerful central vac, and that will, that should get us and removed with the clock.

So now that you have removed the blockage from your hose, either through using a wire hanger or, using another vacuum to backflush it.

hopefully, you’re able to get it out. Sometimes it can be tricky and just to verify that you do have it cleared and it’s a good idea to drop something through, to see if it comes out the other side, then you know that you have a line here.

Then you can go ahead and just put it back together. You can pop this back in place. Put your hose back on and then it’s a good time to clean your filters.

If your filters are dirty, go ahead and clean those. And then I’ll show you how to open this up here. You can unlock this by twisting it like that and then you can.

Just lift it up, make sure you have it unlocked. There we go. I had it in the lock position on this side. So, so now we have another blockage in here as well and so we’ll backflush this.

Then you can do the same thing, drop something through, see if it comes up the other side. So that’s how you can and locate and remove a clog on a vacuum cleaner.


If it is shutting off on you, I hope this helps have a great day and if you want to learn more check our vacuuming blog hopefully you have got some amazing information.

How to clean the closet in-depth step by step and maintain it

The best time to thoroughly clean the closet is when we make the change of clothes. Finding our empty closet only happens these two times a year and it is something that we must take advantage of if we want our clothes to be kept in perfect condition. Dust, possible humidity, and bad odors can settle in your closet and, therefore, in your clothes, this is how you have to avoid it.

Although you have to do a monthly cleaning to avoid the accumulation of dust, doing several in-depth is always a good idea for better maintenance. This is what you have to do to thoroughly clean your closet to keep your clothes in the best condition.

How to deep clean the closet

  1. Empty the closet. Select the clothes that you are going to save for the coming season, the ones that you are going to donate or recycle, and the ones that need to be washed before putting them back in the closet.
  2. Ventilate. Leave the closet open for at least 15 minutes with the bedroom window open to allow proper ventilation to avoid moisture problems. This is recommended to be done regularly, even if the clothes are inside.
  3. Dust off. What accumulates the most is dust, remove it with a cloth or if you need it, help yourself in the drawers with a hand vacuum cleaner.
  4. Cleans in depth. With a specific product for wood, clean all the corners well with the help of a cloth. The interior, the drawers, the doors, the trunks … Take your time to get it right. You can also use a soap and water solution to do this step.
  5. The doors. If your door has a mirror, clean it with specific products. Do not forget the outside, there are times when you have to do maintenance on the lacquers, the knobs …
  6. Layout the clothes. Once everything is ready and dry, it is time to put the clothes on. Take the opportunity to order it from highest to lowest use. If you have just washed it, make sure it is dry before hanging it to avoid dampness and bad odors. With shoes, the same, a good way to keep shoes tidy is with boxes to avoid odors and accumulations.
  7. The final touch. To give your wardrobe a good smell you can place some scented bags or scent balls, which are indicated for this, protect your clothes against moths and mites.

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How to remove the smell from the microwave?

Constantly heating our food in the microwave means that sometimes, no matter how hard we clean it, certain strong odors remain concentrated inside this appliance. Thus, on many occasions, our entire kitchen is impregnated with the unpleasant aromas that certain foods give off. But this problem has a simple solution. We explain how to remove the smell from the microwave and make it look new.

How to remove the smell from the microwave?

Step 1:

The best alternative to eliminate bad odors from the microwave is using natural products. In this way, we guarantee that there are no residues that may remain in the food when heating, putting our health at risk. That is why we give you a very simple and effective recipe, although before putting it into practice, you should clean the microwave to remove stains and food remains.

Step 2:

Take a plate or container that you can use to heat in the microwave and fill it with half part water and half part vinegar or white vinegar. Keep in mind that this is clear vinegar commonly used for cleaning, not wine or apple vinegar.

Step 3:

Chop lemon and place it in the same container. You can also squeeze it and use only its juice instead of the whole piece. In that case, add half a cup of the liquid.

Step 4:

Heat the mixture in the microwave for 3-4 minutes. Stop the microwave and make sure the liquid is really hot and steaming.

Step 5:

Close the microwave and leave the container in for 20 minutes. The mixture will be releasing steam inside the appliance, which will facilitate the elimination of bad odors since vinegar is ideal for this, while lemon provides a good smell that will leave your microwave completely fresh.

Step 6:

Once the 20 minutes have passed, remove the pot from the microwave and wipe with a cloth or sponge to remove moisture.

Clever! Your microwave smells good again quickly and easily.

If you want to remove that unpleasant smell of burning from the microwave, we show you the most effective natural and ecological cleaners to help you achieve it.

Tricks to remove the smell of burning from the microwave

First, the best way to remove the smell of burning in the microwave is to use ecological cleaners, such as vinegar, lemon or baking soda. These natural products are very powerful in eliminating odors and removing any type of stain or dirt.

You can choose any of these remedies to clean the microwave, even combine them to achieve a more powerful effect. To do this, put half the white vinegar and the other half water in a microwave-safe container. Put it in the microwave and put it on maximum power for three to five minutes.

After this time, keep the appliance door closed so that the mixture evaporates little by little and completely absorbs the burning smell in the microwave. Half an hour later, you can open it and clean the condensed water inside the device.

In the same way, you can also use lemon juice instead of vinegar or add two tablespoons of baking soda to the water and follow the same procedure as in the previous section.

Another alternative is to squeeze a lemon and add a little cinnamon to eliminate the smell of burning in the microwave simultaneously as you flavor it. Remember to be very careful when you go to remove the container. You could burn yourself.

Finally, you can also eliminate the smell of burning in the microwave with coffee, as it is a powerful natural deodorizer. It is recommended to use soluble coffee dissolved in water, and it is as simple as putting the mixture in the microwave as in the previous cases.

Tips for cleaning a burnt microwave

If you are unlucky enough to have burned food in the microwave, it could leave not only an unpleasant smell but yellow stains on the walls. These stains can be very difficult to remove if you let them dry, so we show you some tricks to clean the microwave.

The first thing to do before cleaning the microwave is to unplug it. Afterward, clean the walls very carefully with kitchen paper dampened with hot water and a few dishwasher drops. Better to do it immediately, otherwise it will cost you much more to clean them.

Then, use another paper dampened with only water to remove the soap residue and, when finished, use a dry paper to remove any moisture that may have remained. When you finish cleaning the microwave, you can use any of the above methods to remove the burnt smell in the microwave, as the stains will disappear, but the smell may linger.

If there are still dry spots left because you didn’t clean it right away, dip a good piece of cotton wool in acetone and rub it over the spots. But be sure to wipe up any residual product residue right away with a clean, damp cloth. In case this does not work to clean the microwave either, you will have to use a specific cleaner for this appliance.

How to remove stubborn odors

In general, when we use any of the above methods to remove the smell of burning in the microwave, it is normal that they absorb the bad smell that burned food has left.

However, there are times when the stench is so pervasive that other steps need to be taken to eliminate the burning smell in the microwave. The most efficient is to fill a microwave-safe container with water and place a lemon cut in half upside down inside. Put it in the appliance and heat it for five minutes.

This technique will remove stubborn odors, but it is also one of the most effective microwave cleaning tricks. After five minutes, remove the container and carefully wipe the inside of the microwave with a clean cloth slightly dampened with warm water. If you consider it necessary, repeat this process several times.

If you want to eliminate smoke and bad smell from your kitchen, white vinegar or lemon will also be your great allies. You only have to boil half a liter of white vinegar in a saucepan over low heat, or lemon failing that, to set the kitchen after the smoke has disappeared.

The heat will activate the astringent properties of the lemon, covering the entire room with its aroma. Coffee grounds, onion, and even laundry detergent will be other options to eliminate the smell of burning in the microwave and throughout the room.

To eliminate the smell from inside the appliance, once you have used these tricks to clean the microwave, we recommend putting a little butter and cinnamon on a container suitable for this appliance and cooking it for a few minutes. In no time, that burning smell will turn into a pastry smell.

You already know the best techniques to clean the microwave and eliminate its burning smell, so do not hesitate to put them into practice to clean your home of annoying odors. Do you dare to try it?

Design tips to make your small kitchen look more spacious

Currently, houses and apartments have drastically reduced their dimensions due to the increase in population, especially in cities.

The bathrooms and kitchens remain crucial areas of our home.

However, even if the space is compact, the design possibilities are varied, and you can get the most out of your space.

Smart designs are the best option to optimize spaces and storage solutions are also an important weapon to achieve more storage in a reduced space.

Tips for designing a small kitchen

  1. Consider light and color

Light and even white tones will make your space look more spacious, especially if you have good lighting. Light colors reflect more light, maximize the impact of natural light, and make the space feel open and airy, explains Alicia González, an expert designer for Grupo Consentino.

  1. Take into account storage capacity

When it comes to compact kitchens, the only way to maximize storage space is to the top – extending the upper cabinets or shelving will help keep it organized as well.

Inside the drawers, a good idea is the trays, which keep them well organized.

  1. Choose compact appliances

That they are proportional in size to your kitchen, and at the same time they must support the way you cook and fulfill the functions you need.

  1. Limit the palette of materials

You have already reviewed the first point, once you have chosen the color of your kitchen (which also matches the rest of your house) now choose only three or four materials for the floor, cabinets, countertop, and internal wall, this will create a more uniform space and it will help make you feel big and tidy.

  1. Select vibrant shades for color accents

Some details in vibrant tones or patterns can add contrast and draw attention to focal points. It can be in the same furniture or in appliances or even in textiles. In this photo, the furniture is accented in a royal blue tone.

  1. Minimize visual noise

For a more spacious feel, remove drawer or cabinet door handles as much as possible. This will reduce the visual noise of the space since you deceive the eye.

Decorate your indoor garden with plants that absorb moisture

The accumulation of humidity in the home is an evil that, unfortunately, we often have to face. Not all flats or houses enjoy an ideal orientation or adequate light and ventilation conditions, so it is very common to find homes with a marked tendency to accumulate humidity in the environment. In addition to causing bad odors, this excess humidity can be very harmful to health, as it encourages the multiplication of bacteria and the appearance of fungi or mold. The latter can be especially dangerous for people with respiratory conditions or problems and, also, fungi can act as an aggravating factor for allergies. However, a natural problem can also be fought with a natural solution: dehumidifying plants. They can be excellent allies in the fight against humidity at home, beautifying our home and improving its conditions.

Kitchen hoods cleaning tricks

There are appliances that you use now and then, others that you can’t do without every day. The kitchen hood is probably one of the most used in all Italian homes, given our culinary tradition. Of course, the more you use, the more maintenance it requires. And the hood requires special attention precisely because it is in direct contact with the food we eat every day. We’ve already talked about how to clean the refrigerator or how to make the dishwasher shine again. Today we focus on the kitchen hood cleaning tips to always have a perfect hood! The hood above your stove has two main elements that need to be cleaned regularly to maintain a high hygiene level in the kitchen: the grill and the filter.

How to take care of plants at home?

Indoor plants are an excellent ally to give life and a more natural atmosphere to our homes. Its presence helps us give a pleasant aesthetic touch and maintain a healthier environment, whether it is indoor plants with flowers or those that do not have flowers, such as ferns.

How to paint a garage door

Painting a garage door in the best possible way is not just a purely aesthetic solution: it is also an action that must be performed at least once or twice to ensure greater reliability and durability to the same structure, often put to the test by the action of atmospheric agents, such as cold, frost, rain or excessive heat. In this guide, we want to show you how to paint a garage door and do a perfect job from all points of view.

How to organize a messy garage?

Currently, in homes, the garage often acts as a garage and as a storage room. It is possible to see boxes full of objects that are not often used and household appliances that do not work between its walls. Sometimes even the tools useful for DIY are stored. By reading this tutorial, you can have some tips and correct information on how to organize a messy garage.

How to hang pictures without nails?

The traditional solution of drilling the walls to hang pictures is increasingly obsolete, and not because we have lost the desire to decorate, but because making holes in the walls is increasingly a disadvantage. Today, our business and home are most likely not owned by us, so the landlord may not allow holes to be drilled or we may not want to leave marks that we have to fix later.

How to clean windows inside and outside like a pro?

Washing windows is a task that requires time, attention, and a lot of elbow grease, as well as being a bit boring and difficult. You may have tried, but the result of your hard work was not exactly what you expected: a few too many haloes and the opacities on the surfaces made you give up.

How to clean window blinds

Cleaning window blinds is rather unpleasant housework, but it requires constancy to be concerned with their longevity. An aspect that should not be underestimated is the material from which the blinds are made. Not all of them can be cleaned with the same product! When I read the hasty advice of many blogs that dismiss cleaning with “wash with vinegar“, “use baking soda”, I realize that the web is flooded with inexperienced people. If you type “how to clean blinds,” you should know that there is no universal product for any type of blind.

Beautiful flower wall décor ideas and techniques

No matter what time of year we meet, decorating a home with flowers is always a good idea. Flowers fill us with color and joy, so without a doubt, it will always be a good option for decorating any home. The flowers will also help you make your home warmer and more comforting, and last but not least, you can also feel closer to nature.