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Burkville Bridge
Conway, Ma. - Franklin County
Burkville Bridge
Burkeville Bridge

Burkeville Bridge Portal
Burkville Bridge Portal

Bridge Statistics
County:  Franklin
Franklin County Map
Town:  Conway
Locality:  Conway
Position - Lat: 
N 42  30.479
W 72  42.764
Bridge Carries:  Burkeville Bridge
Bridge Crosses:  South River
Bridge Traffic:  Closed
Truss Type:  Howe variant
Howe Truss Sketch
Year Built:  1970
Builder:  Unknown
Owner:  Unknown
Structure Characteristics:  Length:  106 Ft.
Span:  104 Ft.
Width: Unknown
Lanes:  1
Posted Load: None - Closed to Traffic
Posted Vertical Clearance: None
World Guide No.: 21-06-01
National Register of
Historic Places Date:

September 1, 1988

The Burkeville Covered Bridge is a one span variation of a Howe Truss with a total length of 106 feet. The bridge is currently closed. The Burkeville Bridge crosses the South River just west of Conway. The bridge is the second covered bridge at this location being built in 1951. This bridge was accepted for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places on September 1, 1988.

This bridge is difficult to photograph. A concrete barrier and chank link fence block access to the bridge. Photos must be taken thru the fence or from a small clearing west of the bridge along MA116.

The bridge is closed to all traffic and is baricaded with a concrete barrier and chain link fence, May 2003. There is one small parking area directly in front of the bridge which along MA116 for about two cars.

Additional Information / Web Links
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Truss / Arch

Photo of Burksville Bridge Truss
Bissell Bridge Truss

Location Map

Burkeville Covered Bridge location map

Alongside MA 116 On south side of road just west of Conway.

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