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Covered Bridges In
Albany - Saratoga - Rensselaer - Washington Counties

Capital Area

Albany County
Albany County Location Map

Historic Authentic Not Historic Other Types

Waldbillig Bridge  Town of New Scotland NY - 32-01-01

This bridge is NE of the Village of Voorheesville on a private road crossing Vly Creek. It is a Warren truss with a span of 30 feet. It was built in 1955 by Gerald Waldbillig and his son. This is not an historic covered bridge.

*Other  Colonie Town Park Bridge  Town of Colonie NY - NY-01-D

Old Colonie Town Park Bridge

New Colonie Town Park Bridge
This bridge is in the Colonie Town Park. It is a single span steel stringer bridge with a span 37 feet, built in 1978. The bridge is on a road leading to a picnic area and boat launch. The bridge crossed a small pond which flows into the Mohawk River a short distance from the structure. The park provides crosscounty skiing in the winter months.

*Other  Mead Bridge  Town of New Scotland NY - NY-01-b

Photo of Mead Bridge This bridge is in the Town of New Scotland. It is a four span timber stringer bridge with a total length of 50 feet. This bridge was built in 1972 and carries foot traffic over Vly Creek.

*Other  Otterness Way Bridge  Town of New Scotland NY - NY-01-c

This timber stringer bridge is in the west end of the village of Voorheesville. This bridge is located at the Voorheesville School and carries a foot path over Vly Creek to the parking lot for the school. A sign on the located on the bridge says "Otterness Way". The bridge is 40 foot long and was built in 1978.

Saratoga Area

Saratoga County

Historic Authentic Not Historic Other Types

Saratoga County

  Copeland Bridge   Edinburg NY - NY-46-01

This bridge is a small 35 foot span Queenpost truss, built by Aaron Copland in 1879. He was a farmer who built the bridge to get his cows to his fields across the stream. At the present time the Copland bridge is in need of some repair, especially to the siding. The truss and roof are in ok shape. The bottom cord of one truss has been strengthened with an 8x8 rough cut beam, the other with a 10" log.

Washington and Rensselaer Counties

Rensselaer County Washington County

Historic Authentic but not Historic Other Types

Eagleville Bridge  Eagleville, NY - 32-58-01

This historical bridge built in 1858, is a Town Lattice Truss. It crosses the Battenkill in Eagleville, NY just a few miles from the Vermont border. It has a single span bridge, 101 feet long. This bridge narrowly escaped destruction in 1977 when an abutment was undermined in high water and dumped one end into the kill. It was quickly hoisted back in place on a temporary foundation.

Eagleville Site

Shushan Bridge  Shushan, NY - 32-58-02

Shushan Bridge Photo This two span Town Lattice truss has a total length of 161 feet. This bridge now functions as a museum open on the weekends in the summer months. It is an historic bridge built in 1858.

  Rexleigh Bridge  Rexleigh NY - 32-58-03

This 107 foot long Town Lattice truss was built in 1874, by Reuben Comins and George Wadsworth. The bridge crosses the Battenkill. The east abutment of this structure is made up of 12 large cut blocks of marble. Rexleigh is Old English for Kings Meadows.

Rexleigh Site

Buskirk Bridge  Shushan, NY - 32-58-04

This bridge is a Howe truss built in 1857. It is a single span of 164 feet. The bridge carries County Road 103 over the Hoosic River between Washington and Rensselaer Counties. The Buskirk Bridge is an historic structure.

Other  Cambridge Bridge  Cambridge, NY - 32-58-a

This bridge is in a park in the village of Cambridge. It is a timber stringer bridge, 23 feet in length.

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