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Essex County

  Jay Bridge  Jay, NY - 32-16-01

Jay Bridge This historical bridge built in 1851 is a Howe Truss with a span of 175 feet.. It originally carried County Road 22 across the Ausable River, In June 1997 it was cut into four pieces and removed from its foundations by the county.

Other  Kissing Bridge  Ticondaroga, NY - 32-16-e

Kissing Bridge This Steel Stringer Bridge is in the north end of the village of Ticondaroga. It was covered in 1994 by the local Elks Club and the US Army. In a scenic park near a waterfalls on La Chute. This stream is the outlet of Lake George into Lake Champlain.

Other  High Falls Gorge Bridge  Wilmington, NY - 32-16-d

The High Falls Gorge bridge is a small timber stringer structure. It is the entrance to High Falls Gorge.

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