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Historic, Authentic and Other Covered Bridges
Name World No. Bridge Type Town County Carried Crossed Year Built Builder Truss Type Length Spans
Americana NY-27-01
Modern Authentic Madison Madison Foot Trail Mill Pond 1968 Unknown Warren Truss 33 1
Asgrow Gardens NY-58-a
Modern Timber Cambridge Washington Foot Trail Owl Kill 1890 Unknown Timber Stringer 23 1
Avadio NY-18-B
Modern Timber Caroga Lake Fulton Foot Trail Pond Outlet 1980 Unknown Timber Stringer 20 1
Beaverkill NY-53-02 Historic Livingston Manor Sullivan Beaverkill Camp Road Beaverkill 1865 John Davidson Town Lattice 98 1
Bendo NY-53-04 Historic Roscoe Sullivan Conklin Road Willowamoc Creek 1860 John Davidson Town Lattice 48 1
Blenheim NY-48-01 Historic No. Blenheim Schoharie Blenheim Schoharie Creek 1855 Nicholas M. Powers Long Truss and Center Arch 210 1
Buskirk NY-58-04 Historic Buskirk Washington CR. 103 Hoosic River 1857 Peter Osterhauth and Others Howe Truss 164 1
Cambridge Park NY-58-a
Modern Timber Cambridge Washington Village Park Trail Owl Kill 1890 Unknown Stringer 23 1
Campbell NY-13-07 Historic Hancock Delaware Private Drive Trout Brook 1877 Carl Campbell Town Lattice 32 1
Colonie Town Park NY-01-D
Modern Steel Colonie Albany Colonie TP Road Small Pond 1978 Town or Colonie Steel Girder 37 1
Copeland NY-46-01 Historic Edinburg Saratoga Foot Trail Beecher Creek 1879 Arad Copland Queenpost 29 1
Downsville NY-13-01 Historic Downsville Delaware Bridge Street E. Branch Delaware River 1854 Robert Murray Long Truss & Queen 174 1
Eagle Mills NY-18-01 Modern Authentic Broadalbin Fulton Eagle Mills Road Kenyetto Creek 1967 Eagle Mills Cider Co. Town Lattice 41 1
Eagleville NY-58-01 Historic Eagleville Washington Eagleville Road Battenkill 1858 Ephraim W. Clapp Town Truss 101 1
Erpf NY-13-08
Unknown Arkville Delaware Private Road Small Brook 1964 Seager Fairbairn Town Lattice 31 1
Fitches NY-13-02 Historic Delhi Delaware Fitches Bridge Road W. Branch Delaware River 1870 David Wright Town Lattice 100 1
Forge NY-56-02 Historic Arkville Ulster Dry Brook Road Dry Brook 1906 Jerome Mott Kingpost 27 1
Fox Creek NY-48-B
Modern Concrete Schoharie Schoharie Foot Trail Fox Creek 1982 Gerald Wallbillig Concrete Arch 40 1
Frontanac NY-23-01
Modern Authentic Belleville Jefferson Private Road Pond 1982 C. Gary Beckstead Town Lattice 44 1
Grahamsville NY-53-B
Modern Timber Grahamsville Sullivan Foot Trail Chestnut Creek 1976 Unknown Timber Stringer 40 1
Grants Mills NY-56-06 Historic Margaretville Ulster Mill Brook Road Mill Brook 1902 Edgar Marks Town Lattice 66 1
Halls Mills NY-53-01 Historic Claryville Sullivan Hunter Road Neversink River 1912 David Benton Town Lattice 130 1
Hamden NY-13-03 Historic Hamden Delaware Basin Cove Road W Branch Delaware River 1859 Robert Murray Long Truss 128 2
High Falls NY-16-D
Modern Timber Wilmington Essex Foot Path Unknown Stream 1977 Unknown Stringer 18 1
Hyde Hall NY-39-01 Historic East Springfield Otsego Foot Trail Shadow Brook 1823 George Clark Burr Arch 53 1
Jay NY-16-01 Historic Jay Essex County Rd. 22 Ausable River 1857 George W. Burr Howe Truss 175 1
Kissing NY-16-e
Modern Steel Ticondaroga Essex Park Trail La Chute 1994 Local Elk Club Steel Stringer 60 1
Lake George RV Park NY-57-C
Modern Timber Queensbury Warren Foot Trail Inlet to Glen Lake Unknown Unknown Timber Stringer Unknown 1
Mead NY-01-b
Modern Timber Voorheesville Albany Foot Trail Vly Creek 1972 Unknown Timber Stringer 50 1
Morehouse NY-18-c
Modern Timber Broadalbin Fulton Foot Trail Pond Outlet 1991 Unknown Timber Stringer 21 1
Munson NY-04-02
Modern Authentic Vestal Broome Foot Trail Pond Outlet 1991 Robert Munson Queenpost 22 1
Myers NY-56-D Modern Steel Hardenburgh
Ulster County Rd. 49
Dry Brook 1989
Unknown Steel Stringer 47 1
Newfield NY-55-01 Historic Newfield Tompkins Bridge Street Cayuga Creek 1853 Samuel Ham & Sons Town Truss with Arch 115 1
Old Forge NY-22-B
Modern Timber Old Forge Herkimer Foot Trail Middle Branch Moose River 1987 Unknown Timber Stringer 66 1
Olive NY-56-05 Historic Olivebridge Ulster Private Road Old chan of Esopus Creek 1898 Frank Mead Town Lattice 62 1
Perrine NY-56-01 Historic New Paltz Uslter Foot Trail Wallkill River 1844 Benjamin West Burr Arch 154 1
Rexleigh NY-58-03 Historic Rexleigh Washington Rexleigh Road Battenkill 1847 Reuben Comins and George Wadsworth Howe Truss 107 1
Roydhouse NY-33-C
Modern Steel Bridgewater
Oneida Private Drive Beaver Creek 1979 Unknown Steel Stringer 58 1
Salisbury Center NY-22-01 Historic Salisbury Center Herkimer Fairview Road Spruce Creek 1875 Alvah Hopson Burr Arch 50 1
Shushan NY-58-02 Historic Shushan Washington Shushan Battenkill 1858 Stevens Brothers Town Lattice 161 2
Tappan NY-56-03 Historic Arkville Ulster Private Road Dry Brook 1906 Jerome Mott Kingpost 43 1
Three Brothers Island
(Bolton East)
Modern Timber Bolton Landing Warren Foot Trail Lake George 1962 Unknown Timber Stringer 90 3
Tuscarora Club NY-13-05 Historic Margaretville Delaware Footpath Mill Brook 1870 Unknown Stringer Span 38 1
Van Tran Flat NY-53-03 Historic Livingston Manor Sullivan Covered Bridge Road Willowamoc Creek 1860 John Davidson Town Lattice / Arch 117 1
Voorheesville School NY-01-c
Modern Timber Voorheesville Albany Foot Trail Vly Creek 1978 Unknown Timber Stringer 40 1
Waldbillig NY-01-01 Modern Authentic New Scotland Albany Waldbillig Bridge Vly Creek 1955 Gerald Waldbillig Warren Truss 30 1

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