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Rexleigh Bridge - NY-58-03
Rexleigh, NY - Washington County
Photo of Rexleigh Bridge
Rexleigh Bridge

Photo of Rexleigh Bridge Portal
Rexleigh Portal

Bridge Statistics
Region:  Capital District
County:  Washington
Town:  Salem
Locality:  Rexleigh
Position - Lat: 
N 43º 08.069'
W 73º 21.335'
Bridge Carries:  Rexleigh Road
Bridge Crosses:  Battenkill River
Bridge Traffic:  Vehicular
Truss Type:  Howe Truss
Year Built:  1874
Builder:  Reuben Comins and George Wadsworth
Structure Characteristics:  Length:  107'-0"
Width: 17'-10"
World Guide No.: 32-58-03
National Register of Historic Places Date:
March 8, 1978

The Rexleigh Bridge one of three covered bridges in Washington County which crosses the Battenkill River. The bridge carries Rexleigh Road and is a Howe Truss with a span of 107 feet. This bridge was built in 1857.

Be careful of traffic when taking portal shots. Easy access under bridge for elevation views.

Parking available near bridge.

Additional Information / Web Links
Covered Bridges In Salem - Rexleigh Bridge

Truss / Arch

Photo of Rexleigh Bridge Truss
Rexleigh Bridge Truss

Location Map

Location map of Rexleigh Bridge

0.3 miles east northeast of junction of NY29 on NY22 to Greenwich Junction, then 1.5 miles right on Rexleigh Rd. South southwest of Salem in Washington County.

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Rexleigh Bridge

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