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Keller Bridge
Akron, PA - Lancaster County
Photo of Keller Bridge
Photo of Keller Bridge looking south

Photo of Keller Bridge Portal

Bridge Statistics
Region:  Pennsylvania Dutch
Amish Country
County:  Lancaster
Town:  Ephrata
Locality:  Akron
Position - Lat: 
N 40º 10.194'
W 76º 12.290'
Bridge Carries:  Rettew's Mill Road
Bridge Crosses:  Cocalico Creek
Bridge Traffic:  Vehicular
Truss Type:  Burr Arch
Burr Arch Sketch
Year Built:  1891
Builder:  Elias McMellen
Structure Characteristics:  Length:  74 Ft.
Width: 15 Ft.
Posted Load: 5 Tons
Posted Vertical Clearance: 11'-6"
World Guide No.: 38-36-13
National Register of Historic Places Date:

The Keller Bridge is single span Burr Arch with a total length of 74 feet. It carries Rettew's Mill Road over Cocalico Creek. This historic bridge is an was built in 1881 by Elias McMellen.

The bridge an excellent area to take photographs from the south side of the bridge, however the traffic is heavy.

Limited parking available near the bridge.

Truss / Arch

Photo of Keller Bridge Truss

Location Map

Location map of Keller Bridge

At Ephrata on Rothville Road then 0.2 miles right on Rettew's Mill Road

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