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Chiselville Bridge
Sunderland, Vt. - Bennington County

Photo of Chiselville Bridge

Photo of Chiselville Bridge Portal

Bridge Statistics
Region:  Southern
County:  Bennington
Town:  Bennington
Locality:  North Bennington
Position - Lat: 
N 42 54.738
W 73 15.271
Owner:  Town
Bridge Carries:  Sunderland Hill Road
Bridge Crosses:  Roaring Branch Brook
Bridge Traffic:  Vehicular
Truss Type:  Town Lattice
Sketch of Town Lattice Truss
Year Built:  1870
Builder:  Daniel Oatman
Structure Characteristics:  Length:  117'-6"
Width: 11'-10"
Lanes: 1
Posted Load: 8 Tons
Posted Vertical Clearance: Unknown
World Guide No.: 45-02-05
National Register of Historic Places Date:

The Chiselville Bridges carries Sunderland Hill Road over Roaring Branch Brook. The covered portion of the bridge is a town lattice truss, this bridge is supported by steel stringes and a concete deck. There is a center pier at mid span. The original bridge was built in 1870. It is worth the walk to go to the bottom of the ravine and view the bridge from below. Watch your footing, the embankment is very steep.

When photographing from road watch for traffic, Photos from stream great, difficult walk to bottom.

Parking in pulloffs on north side of bridge.


Photo of Chiselville Bridge Truss
Town Lattice Trusss

Location Map

Chiselville Bridge location map

East of Arlington, East Arlington Road. east (curves north) 1.6 miles, continue north on Sunderland Hill Raad. 0.4 miles to the bridge at Chiselville. The bridge is located in town of Sunderland in Bennington County.

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