How to clean the closet in-depth step by step and maintain it

clean the closet

How to clean the closet in-depth step by step and maintain it

The best time to thoroughly clean the closet is when we make the change of clothes. Finding our empty closet only happens these two times a year and it is something that we must take advantage of if we want our clothes to be kept in perfect condition. Dust, possible humidity, and bad odors can settle in your closet and, therefore, in your clothes, this is how you have to avoid it.

Although you have to do a monthly cleaning to avoid the accumulation of dust, doing several in-depth is always a good idea for better maintenance. This is what you have to do to thoroughly clean your closet to keep your clothes in the best condition.

How to deep clean the closet

  1. Empty the closet. Select the clothes that you are going to save for the coming season, the ones that you are going to donate or recycle, and the ones that need to be washed before putting them back in the closet.
  2. Ventilate. Leave the closet open for at least 15 minutes with the bedroom window open to allow proper ventilation to avoid moisture problems. This is recommended to be done regularly, even if the clothes are inside.
  3. Dust off. What accumulates the most is dust, remove it with a cloth or if you need it, help yourself in the drawers with a hand vacuum cleaner.
  4. Cleans in depth. With a specific product for wood, clean all the corners well with the help of a cloth. The interior, the drawers, the doors, the trunks … Take your time to get it right. You can also use a soap and water solution to do this step.
  5. The doors. If your door has a mirror, clean it with specific products. Do not forget the outside, there are times when you have to do maintenance on the lacquers, the knobs …
  6. Layout the clothes. Once everything is ready and dry, it is time to put the clothes on. Take the opportunity to order it from highest to lowest use. If you have just washed it, make sure it is dry before hanging it to avoid dampness and bad odors. With shoes, the same, a good way to keep shoes tidy is with boxes to avoid odors and accumulations.
  7. The final touch. To give your wardrobe a good smell you can place some scented bags or scent balls, which are indicated for this, protect your clothes against moths and mites.

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