Do you know the new trend in living room decoration?

Living room decoration

Do you know the new trend in living room decoration?

Say goodbye to salon trends that led us towards ‘glam’. Quiet salons arrive that make us feel good and calm. Do you want to know what this trend is like and how to apply it at home? Keep reading!

We had a season in which it seemed that we were going towards a ‘new luxury. But we have fresh news: we say goodbye to ostentation. In the autumn-winter of 2022, a time of containment (even savings) is imposed, of connection with the natural and the essential. The ostentatious halls live low hours. “The new trend is committed to decorating the most important room in the house with few pieces and soft colors. The summary would be a room that makes you feel good. That invites you to a slow life “, says our Styling Director, Magda Martínez.

The trend for the living room that is imposed is slow decoration. We will see a lot of white and a lot of beige, which invite calm and tranquility; details of natural materials such as wood or textiles. Such as linen and 100% cotton that combine light tones with tile colors. Create a zen space that you need to feel good. We are going to review in detail this new trend towards calm and tranquility. Did you sign up?

They Take The Halls With A Lot Of White

Trend in living room decoration

The decoration of the living room looks super warm and bright after the combination of the white of the sofas with the cushions in different sizes and patterns – floral or striped in caldera tones – with which an atmosphere of calm and tranquility is achieved. The variety of uses of the living room is ‘the culprit’ that this room is easily cluttered.

For this reason, the new trend ends with ostentatious living rooms. Giving way to a trend in which every object must offer us a service, whether useful or decorative.

Wood And Linen: The Protagonists

As we mentioned, the trend in living room decoration revolves around creating aesthetic, beautiful, clean, and tidy spaces like the one we see here, where wood and linen become the main protagonists. The visual lightness of the living room is evident with the white on the walls, ceilings, sofas, furniture, and blinds… With the exception of the floor, the wooden coffee table. And the cushions with covers in white or sand tones to counteract the visual coldness of a monochrome space.

A Trend For The Living Room With Mediterranean Touches

The ideal living room has a Mediterranean touch in which natural materials such as raffia, linen, and wood prevail, creating the perfect harmony with the star color: white. In this way, it has been possible to create the clean and tidy aesthetic environment that the new trend for living rooms pursues.

Soft Tones on the Wall

Soft tones on walls and textiles help create more relaxed environments. You can always paint a room in two colors combining sand and white tones to give the room a brighter point, as is the case here. And, if you add a corner sofa to this (another of this year’s great trends) you will be able to create that calm and quiet area that you need in your favorite day area.

Light And Warmth of the Hand

The living room breathes peace and harmony and is perfectly delimited from the dining area. After placing two sofas facing each other that leaves visual space for both areas. Once again we see how the wooden furniture and the cushions in caldera tones gain prominence in this room, adding warmth to the space.

Don’t Miss Out on Wood!

The light wood in the living room has a large storage capacity and manages to reduce the solemnity of the room. When combined with white, it multiplies its carefree character, achieving that perfect balance of calm and tranquility demanded by the new trend for living rooms.

The Trend in the Living Room is To Give A Sensation of Light

To achieve the warm and calm environment that we are looking for, natural light is key. Here it is achieved thanks to the blinds in white tones, as well as the decoration in neutral tones, which add warmth to the space. The mirror with quarters that decorates the fireplace gives that sensation of dynamism and depth that the room needs.

In the part of the textiles, we see that natural, beige, ocher, and caramel tones are combined that break with the white color of the walls and manage to create that refuge where peace reigns.

The Power of Beige: Guaranteed Warmth

The living room looks fresh and clean, as well as warm and super practical thanks to the furniture. Such as the sand-colored living room shelf or the original coffee table that is made up of two marble triangles that together form a square. And separately they have many possibilities. Marble is another of the great trends for the living room. Which symbolizes elegance and style and also becomes the perfect complement for timeless designs. That manages to create a haven of calm and tranquility.

In addition, in the textile part, the range of natural colors prevails, such as the beige of the sofas or the powdery pink of the armchairs (another of the ones that are now a trend in the living room).

Natural Materials And Crafts are Carried

The increasingly evident presence of raw materials. Such as linen, wood, and ceramics have become other great trends for the living room. The commitment to natural and sustainable materials continues to rise for another year. And goes hand in hand with the change in philosophy and way of life. Where intimacy and the environment that surrounds us are more valued.

Neutral colors such as ecru, sand, or brown tones manage to break with black in metal-based details. Such as the coffee table in the living room.


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