Thirteen infallible tricks to decorate your house

Decorate your house

Thirteen infallible tricks to decorate your house

Our secrets…revealed! Discover the tricks, ideas, and tips for decorating the house of El Mueble.

It is a safe bet to later give it color and character with the details. Opt for walls and sofas in light tones and leave color notes for cushions, paintings, rugs, and small accessories so that they stand out and give personality. In addition, they are the easiest (and cheapest) to renew according to trends.

Custom Furniture, What A Great Ally!

Tricks to decorate house

It is not about filling the house with custom furniture, because in addition to representing a greater investment, they can result in a decoration that is too flat. But teaming up with them when space is small or you need a tailored solution is a great success. Take a look at this dining room, designed by Estudio Mengíbar Blanco, where more space and seating space have been gained with an “L” shaped bench that is also a chest.

Light And More Light!

Light not only makes a space more pleasant, but it also helps make it appear larger than it really is. So when it comes to decorating the house, it is essential to ally with her. How? With a distribution that facilitates its circulation, without excessively crowding the space, because the light could not flow, clearing the windows and opting for a clear base on floors, walls, and textiles. Try it and you will see how the light… expands!

More Warmth With Wallpaper

At El Mueble we are fans of wallpaper, either to dress a special space in the house with personality or to give texture and add warmth. In this sense, wallpapers with a textile effect are one of our favorites, because there are very successful ones that create a cozy fabric-covered wall effect, as can be seen in this corridor.

A Very Natural Atmosphere

It is not a surprise that at El Mueble we are passionate about nature. Beyond being an aesthetic choice, it is also a healthy choice, since a more natural house is a healthier house. Raw wood furniture, vegetable fibers, 100% natural textiles, eco-friendly paints.

Not An Inch Lost

It doesn’t matter if you have many or few meters, at El Mueble we like to take advantage of every cm of the house, especially to fit out hidden cabinets, which are never too many! Here, the decorator Marta Prats has hidden a complete built-in wardrobe in the hall that blends in with the walls by painting the same.

Warm Lighting

If enhancing the entry of natural light is key, so is choosing artificial lighting with great care. It is important to bet on warm LEDs, 2,700ºK, and if possible, take them throughout the house, so that there are no surprises between one room and another, including the kitchen and bathroom.

A Welcoming Hall That Invites Us To Enter

We have said it many times: the hall gives the first impression of a house, in addition to being the last space we see when leaving and the first when arriving, so it is essential to take care of its decoration with care. Although the hall is mini! A charming piece of furniture, like this table with wings that serves as a console, a bouquet of flowers, a mirror (be careful with Feng Shui!), a rug that delimits the space, a composition of paintings or prints… Think about the formula that best suits you and your hall, and put it into practice!

Customize The Sofa Wall

The wall of the sofa is one of the most difficult to decorate, so many times when in doubt we leave it bare. At El Mueble we like that this wall, which has great prominence for framing the sofa, is well dressed. With a mirror that multiplies light, a composition of photos, an XL painting, or a set of sheets. In addition, according to Feng Shui, decorating the walls of the living room with paintings or photos helps to balance the whole and prevents energy from flowing only from below.

On The Sofa, The Right Cushions

Neither few cushions nor many. The ideal is that you place one more than the place that the sofa has. That is, if the sofa has three, like this one, four cushions will suffice.

Don’t Miss The Covers On The Sofa

Or in the seats. The covers are such a practical resource, to protect the sofa, as decorative, especially if you bet on natural fabrics. Linen is one of our star fabrics for making covers because it has movement, and weight, it is very natural and, despite its wrinkles, it is elegant.

Dress The Sofa With Blankets And Plaids

A plaid or a blanket in winter will help you give the sofa more movement and, if it has very straight lines, reduce its rigidity. Casually place them on the armrest and the living room will look more vivid and welcoming.

Symmetry, An Ally Of Order

And also from space. And it is that a room with a symmetrical distribution of furniture, like this one, will always look visually more orderly and spacious than one in disorder.

How To Decorate The Center Table

We like personal coffee tables, but also tidy. That is why two large objects that understand each other are always better than many small pieces. Thus, you avoid a confusing and messy result. Some photography or art books that you like to browse, a natural bouquet or trays where you group the different objects are a success. Get inspired by these ideas to decorate the coffee table.


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