Tips to reform an apartment and sell it faster

Reform your apartment

Tips to reform an apartment and sell it faster

If you are thinking of selling your old apartment, wait! Maybe it’s worth spending a little money if you want to have it taken off your hands (and increase its price)

Did you know that you can increase the price of your flat with the right reforms? And the best thing is that, as soon as it goes on sale, it will fly. But, before you start pulling down partitions, closing terraces, or painting the walls that green you love, think about what your potential buyer might like. Analyze the area where you live, and what the neighbors are like, and get down to work. It won’t last even a week on real estate portals!

Give A Coat Of Paint

Tips to sell your apartment

If you want to sell your apartment quickly, even if you don’t spend a lot of money on renovations, the least you should do is give it a coat of paint. The friction on the walls, the dirt around the switches, and the passage of time make the colors look ugly, so it is best to paint the walls and ceilings. Now, keep in mind that this is not the time to get creative. No bright colors, not even soft. It’s best to go with a bright or off-white so that the space appears cleaner, larger, and newer.

Change The Ground

The floors are, along with the walls, another of the elements that give more clues about the age of your house, and the good (or bad) use you have made of it. And it is another factor that a buyer first notices. So, if you have a parquet, we recommend that, before putting the floor up for sale, you knife it and varnish it. It will look like new. Another option is to change the laminate flooring for a new one. There are even floors that can be installed without removing the old ones.

Strip Partitions

Opening the kitchen to the living room is one of the most demanded reforms when buying a flat. And, if you give it to the buyer, not only will he like it more, but it will be revalued and you will see how profitable the investment is. Another option is to place walls or large glass sliders. In all cases, the space will appear larger and wider.

Bet On Larger Spaces

Another factor that will help you sell a flat faster (and for more money) is to expand the space. A flat with two large rooms will be more profitable than one with three small ones. So, as far as possible, if you get involved in construction before selling a flat, try to modify the distribution and expand the spaces. Another option is to open the bedroom bathroom to it, making it a more comfortable, modern, and stylish space.

Bet On Neutral Colors

When putting your home up for sale, avoid decorating it too garishly. The most suitable? Decorate in neutral and relaxed tones that invite you to be in the room. And we are not only referring to the walls, but also to the upholstery of the sofa (you can put a cover if it is too striking a color), the bedding.

Fix Possible Bugs

A plug that comes out a bit, a faucet that leaks, a door that won’t close… These little details can scare off a potential buyer who wants to move into the house right away if he thinks he’s going to have to mess with these little fixes. . For this reason, it is best to take care of all the details, so that the floor does not look old-fashioned or worn.

Plan Home Staging

Did you know that if you apply home staging in your house you have the possibility of selling it much faster? According to the Asociación Asociación de Home Staging España (AHSE), “with home staging, a flat is sold 7 times faster”. According to a survey carried out in 2018 by this organization, houses without home staging spent an average of 8.6 months on the market, while applying it did not reach 1.2. Another fact: they are also usually sold at 5 and 25% more expensive than their initial price.

Take A Look At The Kitchen

We are not telling you to change it completely (it is one of the most expensive items in a reform), but perhaps you can paint the kitchen tiles, the fronts of the cabinets or, at least, change the handles for more modern ones. . You can even install a laminate floor suitable for kitchens. The possibilities are many to revalue your house!

Change The Bathtub For A Shower

Another element that can make a flat more attractive is that it has a bathroom with a shower. So another of the reforms that you can do to sell it faster and for more money is to change the bathtub for a shower tray, at least in one of the bathrooms. Then place a modern screen, with black profiles. It will be what your buyers fall in love with!

Includes Elements That Expand The Space

One of the reasons that can determine the purchase of a flat is that it looks bright and spacious. To do this, use resources such as mirrors that are responsible for multiplying light and space as much as possible. Place large mirrors at window height, in dimly lit areas, such as hallways or halls, and even in the bedroom.


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