Design tips to make your small kitchen look more spacious

kitchen look more spacious

Design tips to make your small kitchen look more spacious

Currently, houses and apartments have drastically reduced their dimensions due to the increase in population, especially in cities.

The bathrooms and kitchens remain crucial areas of our home.

However, even if the space is compact, the design possibilities are varied, and you can get the most out of your space.

Smart designs are the best option to optimize spaces and storage solutions are also an important weapon to achieve more storage in a reduced space.

Tips for designing a small kitchen

  1. Consider light and color

Light and even white tones will make your space look more spacious, especially if you have good lighting. Light colors reflect more light, maximize the impact of natural light, and make the space feel open and airy, explains Alicia González, an expert designer for Grupo Consentino.

  1. Take into account storage capacity

When it comes to compact kitchens, the only way to maximize storage space is to the top – extending the upper cabinets or shelving will help keep it organized as well.

Inside the drawers, a good idea is the trays, which keep them well organized.

  1. Choose compact appliances

That they are proportional in size to your kitchen, and at the same time they must support the way you cook and fulfill the functions you need.

  1. Limit the palette of materials

You have already reviewed the first point, once you have chosen the color of your kitchen (which also matches the rest of your house) now choose only three or four materials for the floor, cabinets, countertop, and internal wall, this will create a more uniform space and it will help make you feel big and tidy.

  1. Select vibrant shades for color accents

Some details in vibrant tones or patterns can add contrast and draw attention to focal points. It can be in the same furniture or in appliances or even in textiles. In this photo, the furniture is accented in a royal blue tone.

  1. Minimize visual noise

For a more spacious feel, remove drawer or cabinet door handles as much as possible. This will reduce the visual noise of the space since you deceive the eye.

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