The modern kitchen opens to the living room

Modern kitchen ideas

The modern kitchen opens to the living room

Open and win! These proposals show why a modern kitchen opening to the living room is a great success. Copy your ideas and add light, meters, and amplitude.

A Modern And Very Bright Kitchen Integrated Into The Day Area

White, bright, and totally open to the day area. This is how this kitchen renovated by Coton et Bois is now. The L-shaped enclosure that relates it to the garden brings light in abundance and the white reflects it even more. So that it would not be cold, the decorator Asun Antó combined it with wood, such as the decorative shelf or the large dining table. And despite its timeless vocation, the trendy touches come from the black taps and handles. The dining room, between the kitchen and the living room, acts as a visual separation between both spaces. An open kitchen, but in which each space has its independence.

Modern kitchen with living room

Open To The Living Room, With An Island And With The Dining Room Integrated Into The Kitchen

This kitchen with an island was closed before the decorator Pia Capdevila completely transformed the day area of ​​​​this house creating an open space in which the dining room has been integrated into the kitchen and the living room enjoys certain privacy by being in a nook, but without losing visual contact with the kitchen, which articulates the entire new space. To reinforce this visual continuity, the decorator unified materials – white lacquered MDF and wood – and gave the kitchen a more decorative touch, with vertical striped paper.

A Kitchen Designed As One More Piece Of Furniture In The Living Room

This was the goal of the decorator Lara Pujol when designing this kitchen: to design it as if it were one more piece of furniture in the living room, with which it shares an open space. The spectacular nature of the space, with its coffered ceilings, called for an unconventional kitchen, which is why she opted for furniture in a very personal khaki green. The result is a very stylish modern kitchen.

A Modern, White, And Wooden Kitchen Open To The Living Room

In the old Majorcan houses, the living room, the kitchen, and the dining room shared a single space. And that is what has been done in this newly built house that pays tribute to tradition. The kitchen, modern and stylish, combines white furniture with touches of wood, such as the upper cupboards in the sink and stove area. The horizontal windows make an original chair with views.

Very Stylish In Anthracite Gray And In Harmony With The Living Room

The kitchen and living room form a whole in this house and the key has been to unify materials and finishes and give the kitchen a noble space treatment of the house. Gray has been played with, present in the furniture in the living room, and wood, which provides a warm counterpoint to a space that could be cold. The slatted wall decorates and gives continuity to the furniture in the living room. And the dining room has been attached to the island, which serves as a visual separation from the living room.

A Modern Kitchen Open To The Living Room In An Original Provencal Green

This kitchen, designed by Roger Bellera, integrates harmoniously with the day area of ​​this house, where color plays a major role. Despite the fact that gray prevails in the living room, the decorator opted for a Provencal green, dusty and with grayish nuances, for the kitchen. Thus, both spaces have their personality while coexisting in harmony. The open shelves, in the purest style of a living room bookcase, contribute to this visual integration.

Very Complete, Open To The Day Area And With A Large Island

This modern kitchen is spacious and modern, but it is not cold for that. And the key is the combination of white, beige –in the columns of electrical appliances and the pantry– and wood. The large island has been used for work and also includes a bar area. And, to give continuity to the adjoining dining room, the wood from the shelves has been moved to the dining room bench.

A Modern Kitchen Covered In Wood And Open To The Living Room

Entirely covered in wood, this kitchen seems to completely blend in with the house. In fact, the owner and interior designer Lara Vallés, from Space Stage, explains that they designed it open, “adapting ourselves to the house and its shape. The idea was that we could cook and chat while enjoying the views”. The central piece is the mini island to which the large dining table has been attached. The result is a modern, rustic, and very practical kitchen.

Open And With A Dual-Use Separating Wall

More light, more spaciousness, and better use of space. And just by opening the kitchen to the living room. To gain storage space in a kitchen that is smaller than it seems. Decorator Mireia Masdeu designed this low wall that supports the kitchen furniture and, in turn, serves as a wall for the living room furniture. To better integrate the kitchen into the living room. She unified the color of the furniture with that of the walls. And gave it a decorative plus with these slatted fronts that, being current, make this space more welcoming.

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