How long do galvanized steel roofs last?

How long do galvanized steel roofs last

How long do galvanized steel roofs last?

Galvanized steel roofing can last from 20 to 50 years if properly installed and with regular maintenance. The galvanized steel roof panel is coated with zinc, which makes it more resistant to corrosion and durable. Actually, its service life mainly depends on the thickness of the zinc layer and the environment of use. In this article, we will discover how long do galvanized steel roofs last.

Additionally, GI Roof Panel is lightweight and silver in color, making it quick and easy to install. That is why galvanized steel roofing is becoming popular with investors, contractors, and homeowners. We have a wide range of GI roofing sheets for sale with different designs, sizes, zinc coating thicknesses, etc. Continue reading for more information.

How long does the galvanized roof last?

GI roofing is well known for its durability and longevity. The zinc layer of galvanized sheets for roofing use is usually greater than 100 g/m 2. The maximum layer of zinc that we can supply is 300 g/m 2. Generally speaking, if installed correctly, a galvanized steel roof can last at least 20 years. With regular maintenance, its service life will be 50 years or even more. Here is a table for your reference.

What will affect the life of GI roofs?

How long do galvanized steel roofs last

After learning about its lifespan, you may be wondering what will affect the lifespan of galvanized roofing sheets. Next, we are going to have a review.

Zinc coating thickness

Steel rusts easily when exposed to wet or corrosive conditions. While the heavy zinc coating provides protection to the steel against rust and corrosion. In general, the thicker the zinc coating, the better the corrosion resistance and the longer the service life. The thickness of the zinc coating can reach up to 300 g/m 2 to meet specific needs. Below is a video showing Galvanized Steel Sequins. if you want more videos, please follow us.

Galvanizing method

Both hot-dips galvanized and electro-galvanized steel sheets can be found on the market. The zinc layer of hot-dip galvanizing is thicker than that of electro-galvanizing. In addition, hot-dip galvanized steel is fully protected by a zinc coating. Therefore, it has better corrosion resistance. We use hot-dip galvanized sheets for roofing panels.

Environment of use

The usage environment will greatly influence the service life of GI roofing sheets, such as weather conditions. For example, moisture such as rain, snow, sleet, and humidity will rust metal. Sun exposure and heat can also cause corrosion and affect the life of your roof. More than that, if your roof is installed in coastal or industrial areas, its lifespan will also be shorter.


Although the corrugated galvanized roof requires little maintenance, regular inspections will help your roof last longer. For example, tree branches, leaves, and other debris can scratch metal roofing and cause premature rusting in exposed areas. Without maintenance, it causes leakage and will shorten the life of the metal roof.

Tips to Extend the Life of GI Roof

Accordingly, we discuss how to increase the lifespan of metal roofing by taking the proper precautions. A longer lifespan means you get more value from your roof before you have to pay for a new one.

Proper installation

As mentioned, when the roof is installed correctly, it will last longer. For example, if the zinc coating and paint on the surface were broken during installation, scratches, dents, and gouges can expose the metal to moisture. It will affect the life of your metal roof.

Periodic inspection

No amount of maintenance can cause problems that go unnoticed until it’s too late, resulting in costly repairs or even roof replacement. You can perform preventive roof maintenance on an annual basis, such as cleaning debris, and leaves, touching up scratches, and removing dirt, stains, moss, and other items. If you live in an area with heavy snowfall, remember to remove the snow to relieve stress on the roof.

Use paints

Painting is an effective way to extend the life of metal. It’s because that coat of paint will offer additional protection to the base metal. Also, colored paints can make your ceiling more attractive. We also have color coated steel roofing sheet son comes out.


We have a wide variety of galvanized roofing panels to choose from. In addition, we also have sheets for roofs made with galvalume steel and colored painted steel. As one of the leading corrugated roofing sheet manufacturers in China, we’re featured by our factory, advanced equipment, and professional teams. If you have any questions, contact us right now.


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