Top Guideline How to Choose a Beginner BMX Bike

Beginner BMX Bike

Top Guideline How to Choose a Beginner BMX Bike

In this article, I’m going to go ahead tell you how to choose the best type of BMX bike and that’s a question for a lot of beginner riders who don’t really know what bike to look at, like whether what brand or what dimensions and stuff and parts it’s.

I understand it can be really confusing, just jumping straight into buying your first BMX bike.

So, at first, I’m going to go ahead and talk about bike price and dimensions, you’re gonna look for depending on what kind of riding you’re going to want to do. Then the thing is going to be what brands you should look

Price Topics

When you’re looking at complete bikes, there’s going to be a few ranges of prices. There’s only going to be one around $400, which is a base like gonna be decent parts and nothing’s gonna be terrible, but obviously, it’s not the last round.

That bottom level you’re going to have. The cheaper parts are still should hold decent welds that will be better than Walmart at the time and then the top-level one.

So, you’re going to have more actual like name brand parts. If you bought a bike completely, you’d have bike tops bars.

If you want to get BMX bikes for adults there is you don’t see big price differences.

Some actual empty, some parts onto some no-name brand that the company throws on there just to save them money, but there are not still terrible parts.

Anyway, you get to just say, so the main things you want to look for before I get into the actual geometry, all the frames are going to be sealed hubs.

Bike Dimension

You’re going to want to seal the bottom bracket and a decent headset. So, what I mean by the seal is they put, and unsealed is pretty much just, you got the bowl for the bearings and then the individual bearings in there.

There’s no protective cover around them or anything and the problems with those.

Do you get any sort of dirt in there or water in there, and it starts rusting those and starting to get really rough whenever you’re pedaling?

you’re going to have to replace relatively often, just cause there’s going to break. Some of the barriers are getting flat spots and stuff like that. It’s just not going to feel good.

it’s a relatively cheap upgrade, so definitely spend a little bit of extra money to get those. I’d say that’s an essential thing to have. The other thing that’s really essential is having three-piece cranks.

If you get one-piece cream, those things suck or there are two-piece cranks and those are all right too.

but yet one-piece crank slug, those are going to bend really easily and they’re not going to really last that long. So definitely look for three-piece cranks.

Getting lots of the bigger stuff and go ahead and get double Walgreens if you can. It’s not essential but they’re definitely going to last long. If you’re, if you weigh like under a hundred pounds single wall for you.

So now getting into the actual geometry of the bike. So, there’s, I’d say maybe three or four different things which is a completely different style of what you’re going to want to look for.

I honestly don’t know the first thing about flatland bikes. So, I’m not to get into that. If you don’t know what the flat by flatland bike looks like, go ahead and Google it.

They’re like BMX bikes, but they’re very different.  so you got the park, you got street and you got dirt jumps. Those are the main three that going to talk about.

The main gist of it is that for park and right and I’d say you got shortened end parts. So, like these four, say the frame and I’d say the bars and the main difference for the forks on a street bike.

They’re going to be a little shorter. So, I have a 25-liter offset, opposed to a dirt jumper.

dirt bikes for dirt jumps are going to have 32 millimeters, and then, the part can go somewhere between it really just depends on how.

So when you jumping you mustn’t have any previous record of cycling injury.

Your ride or how though you ride and so I’d say you’re going to have a street on their bikes. So, for street, you’re gonna have a lot smaller bike, a lot easier with around all your tricks, like off of bunny hop or off a rail and stuff.

You just want to be able to move from a bike around a lot faster than a dirt bike and all that air time. So, it feels good to have a little bit longer bike.

It’s a little sturdier whenever you’re going fast landing out and going down.  So essentially the gist of it is you’re going to want longer forks for dark Johnson and shorter forks.

Bars and frames that really are a hundred percent of the zoo. How tall you are and so on 61, I ride a 21-inch top suit and it’s perfect.

So honestly, if you don’t know what top two you have, you should arrive. Just got it and Google it. I think I found a form a while ago. Recommendations on tattoo pipe for BMX bikes.

If you don’t know what’s wrong. So based on your height, go ahead and go look that up. We’ll find out, I’d say like five maybe 20 and a half.

I wouldn’t say really go under too many months. You’re like a fully-grown nurse whenever you’re still a kid. If you’re buying this for your kid or something like that, definitely look around tomorrow.

It’s 19 or if they’re pretty young, maybe an 18-inch BMX bike plate. So the last thing to get into reality is, this is a big deal for me and I didn’t really realize it until I started getting it, or till I got into riding like two bikes in.

As you can see, my Sprocket is on the west side of my bike and that’s because our blind on the right-hand side of you have the front left peg, that’s just for switched minutes.

So, the reason it’s over there is if you do a feeble and you miss your backpack, I had it on my right side. It’s just going to smash down on my Sprocket.

Maybe break my chain, maybe right one spot and that’s just something that I had happened way too many times. So, whenever I bought a third bike went ahead and got one that came with the left side drive.

So that’s definitely another thing to look forward to. If you want to ride on the right side of your left side and make sure you get the Sprocket on the opposite side.

So, riding the left side, get the right-hand drive. If you want to go right side left side driven that’s pretty much that simple.

That’s pretty much it for if you’re going to go by complete.  like I said on the bars, there’s not too much pressure because you can put the spacers, I’d say a good medium is, I’d say maybe eight and a quarter or eight-and-a-half-inch rise bars to maybe 9.25. These, I think are nine-inch rise.

I have like, I have a, I have a decent run space here, so I probably could have. 9.25.  but I love these the way they are.

I always start thinking one way and it just goes a million different directions thinking. Bikes as I’m trying to think back through all my thinking processes of when I bought them.

But I’d say those three, much of the main things that you’re going to want to look for definitely, if you’re going to ride street and get a little bit smaller of a bike, a little bit shorter.

One other thing we’ll talk about is the frame again. So, a lot of like, pro park riders that you’ve seen, they will have this super short C2 in that, for that reason, or the reason for that.

It doesn’t get in the way to feed as much. They do like a bunch of footer tricks, a bunch of tailors, and stuff like that. It’s not going to get in the way as much as say this, but I think this is maybe a nine-inch.

I don’t know exactly maybe six, a quarter secret but if you’re planning on doing a lot of scallops and stuff, later on, that’s maybe something to look at.

Then the last one for you and the shorter your chainstays are, which are these parts of your frame right here.

The easier it’s going to be the manual, the further back it is, the harder it’s going to be the manual. That’s just your center of balance is directly over your bottom bracket.

If you only have to move it back that far to push it back over your back wheel, opposed to maybe a little bit further, it really helps with learning the manual.

If you’re really a beginner and you want to learn manuals and kind of do pretend tricks, I’d recommend a shorter chain.


Hopefully, you have got some answers to some important questions. Here we have discussed some so important topics about BMX bike buying guidelines and if you have furthermore question you can visit OutdoorXsports for getting more information.

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