Trends in decoration: Elegant and functional kitchen

Functional kitchen ideas

Trends in decoration: Elegant and functional kitchen

Every time we enjoy more time in the functional kitchen and we like that its decoration and functionality are up to the occasion. So we have x-rayed some projects that inspire us and provide us with good ideas and trends.

We spend more and more time in the kitchen and that makes us more demanding when it comes to designing your space, always looking for style but also the functionality. So we have set out to x-ray some projects by interior designers and decorators looking for the trends and styles that are successful alongside the stove.

When designing a functional kitchen, floor and wall coverings are the first factor to study. In today’s kitchens, wooden floors are imposed -ceramic flooring imitating flooring is the best option in these cases for cleaning-; the hydraulic tiles, which invade any room with color and style; and, of course, the black and white chess set, one of the latest trends in decoration. This checkerboard, a classic that never goes out of style, harmonizes with any type of furniture and gives a plus of elegance to the environment. On the walls, in addition to the conventional tiles, take into account the kitchen wallpapers, which are very current.

kitchen layout

Elegant and functional kitchen

As for the distribution, everything will depend on the space you have. If you have a generously sized room, the ideal is to have a kitchen island as the central axis. In it, you can install the fire area, with an upper extractor hood, or the water area. But in any case, it is always useful to leave a surface like a bar for breakfasts and informal lunches. In this way, you will promote a more social environment in the functional kitchen. In the event that the kitchen is narrow or has few square meters. The interior designers propose clearing the upper part of the walls, and replacing door cabinets with shelves, to visually lighten the space.

Marble And Metal Kitchen

Ocher tones rule in this kitchen covered with Stone, a sintered compact from Porcelanosa Grupo with high technical performance and multiple aesthetic possibilities. For walls and countertops, the Calacatta Gold model has been chosen, which reproduces the appearance of this stone and whose golden veins harmonize with the metallic look of the Oxide Brown chosen to panel the furniture ( kitchens with metal cabinets are very fashionable).

Work Furniture For A Country Kitchen

The purest Ibizan style can be seen in this country kitchen to which the interior designer Raúl Martins has given a very elegant stamp of modernity. The furniture is made on site, with juniper wood doors, shelves, and drawers. The countertops and fronts are in white Ibiza marble. It belongs to a wonderful very natural house hidden in Ibiza.

The Island Of Stone

The interior designer Laura Gärna has turned this element into the axis of the space and the absolute focus of attention. It has been covered with Greek marble that gives its presence and coordinates with the dark tone of the wooden furniture in the background. An elegant flower arrangement and two Balik candle holders set the deco accent. The functional kitchen is part of a flat in Madrid with perfect touches of color.

Very Warm Nordic Wood

Combined with white, the wooden notes of the countertops and the columns embedded in the wall warm up this radiant kitchen by Èggo and give it a Scandinavian air. The black handles give a classic and contemporary look at the same time.

An Iron Kitchen, A Powerful Element

The members of the Isabel López Vilalta+Asociados studio opted for a material with a strong presence such as iron to cover the island. This piece stars in the space and acts as a separation from the adjoining dining room. To soften its effect, the rest of the furniture, by Boffi, sports a warm wood finish. The lamp, which also provides a point of contrast, is the mythical Atollo, by Magistretti, in white, edited by Oluce.

White And Wood Kitchen, Beautiful Simplicity

The cabinets in the Madison series, with super matte white laminate fronts. Which alternate between groove and steel tube handles. And Pietra di Luna countertop, by Neolith. Takes on a warmer dimension with touches of wood and natural fibers in the office. Everything, from El Corte Inglés.

Floors With A Knock-On Effect

The distinctive note here is provided by the vitreous floor produced by Hisbalit in white and grey. It is the Bossa model, from its new Black & White collection, made with ecological mosaic in different geometric designs that appeal to contrast and symmetry. It harmonizes wonderfully with the light gray kitchen, smooth and without handles to give all the prominence to the flooring.

In Sight

A glass enclosure integrates the functional kitchen with the rest of the house. The A&B Curated studio has designed natural wood furniture that adopts a black finish for the base units, in a nod to the door profiles. The stools are from the Gubi firm. The kitchen is part of a house with a bohemian style in Barcelona.

A Mix Of Finishes In Tune

The black and white marble floor, by Canu, enhances this project by the interior designer Ricardo de la Torre furnished by Gunni & Trentino, where the matt of the furniture is combined with the brightness of the island; the countertop is Silestone. A front of subway-style green tiles, from Azulejos Peña, provides strength and breaks the chromatic uniformity. The kitchen is part of a modern apartment in Madrid with stately touches


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