Classic decoration in an Andalusian house

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Classic decoration in an Andalusian house

Sienna-colored plaster, wrought-iron balconies, hurdle porch with flowering climbing plants… We are in Andalusia and in an exceptional climate. The house combines the purest Andalusian style in its construction with sophisticated decoration. In which French-style furniture and others brought from England coexist in perfect harmony.

Outside Dining

Classic decoration

It benefits from the protection of a centenary olive tree. The plants and flowers that surround you envelop you with captivating aromas.

White Hall

The white color is present on the walls, on the stairs, on the furniture, and on the fabrics. Wraps this privileged entrance with its luminosity.

Around The Fireplace

She is the axis around which the rest of the pieces in the room have been organized.

Where To Store

At both ends of the room, built-in “L” shaped bookcases are framed with moldings. Unpainted wooden profiles, increase the warmth of the environment.

Sofa Facing

Two comfortable sofas with classic lines and a Louis XVI-style armchair are grouped around the fire. Surrounding a more informal coffee table.

Classic Dining Room

In addition, its direct exit to the garden is an invitation to the outside, with its thousand and one fragrances, to accompany meals.

Country Kitchen

The first thing that surprises me is the tiles decorated with zigzag borders that cover the wall.

To The Top Floor

The painted brick stairs, the wrought iron floor and handrail, the setting for a French-style console, and a Louis XVI-style armchair, are a good proof of the mix between tradition and modernity that this house offers.

The Star Of The Children’s Bedroom

The owners wanted a relaxing, comfortable, and, at the same time, cozy room and therefore they chose the color blue.

With A Romantic Air

The fireplace and the exits to the outside give the bedroom a warm, romantic, and natural air.

Romantic Bedroom

The bed and the bench at its feet are made of black painted iron finished with cherry wood, which combines lightness and warmth. On one of the sides, a table was dispensed with and in its place, a Portuguese white-painted wooden chest of drawers was placed, which, with its curved lines, transmits delicacy.

Dressing Room

The armchair was chosen in the Louis XV style so that its rounded shapes harmonize with the sweet atmosphere that is breathed in the room.

For The Guests

Like all the bedrooms, it has its own fireplace, next to which a comfortable Louis XVI armchair was placed in which to enjoy the heat and the hypnotic magic of the fire and also the fantastic views.

English Touch Bathroom

A sanctuary of well-being. This is the bathroom, whose decoration reinforces even more, if possible, this feeling of serenity that takes hold of one just by setting foot in it.

And A Touch Of Moroccan Style

The entrance to the shower, in Moroccan style, recalls the location of the house –from it the sea and the African coast are contemplated–, while the marble of the countertop and the bathtub imposes its nobility.

The mountain range in which this lucky house is located in Malaga: is a rocky mountain with views of the sea. Come on, quite a treat: olive trees and pines, some cypress breaking the horizontality… Well, I don’t want to get carried away by the vegetation, which I love, and after this little note about the hallmarks of the house, I’ll go directly to introduce myself through the double solid wood gate.

Warning: being as it is surrounded by wild nature, the interior is civilized beyond measure, classic, comfortable, harmonious, and perfect. Just because of the penetrating perfume of the aromatic plants, just also because of the landscape that enters through doors and balconies, or perhaps if we snoop in the kitchen, we can realize that we are in the middle of the Andalusian countryside.

Pure Craftsmanship

I explain it now. But first, here is a warning: the hall, with the start of a built-in staircase (look carefully. It is something to copy if we have the chance because as it lacks an external railing it is visually light and very graceful), gives way to the living room, a white, pleasant and very urban space with two sofas facing each other on each side of the fireplace and two twin exits to the garden. It was a good idea to leave the wood exposed in the two built-in and corner bookcases: they put a warm note in this somewhat cold room, so geometric and perfect. The handmade clay floors and the wrought iron curtain rods. Despite having a clear rustic character, allow themselves to be enveloped by the classic atmosphere of the entire room.


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