Author: George

Is it permissible to use a propane heater in my garage? Propane heaters are the best way to heat a garage. They are simple to use and risk-free. Since propane gas has no smell, it works well in places where there is a lot of oxygen, such as sports arenas, gyms, and workshops. If you use a propane heater in a garage, the only risk is getting sick from carbon monoxide. Continue reading to find out more about this risk and how to deal with it.

Galvanized steel roofing can last from 20 to 50 years if properly installed and with regular maintenance. The galvanized steel roof panel is coated with zinc, which makes it more resistant to corrosion and durable. Actually, its service life mainly depends on the thickness of the zinc layer and the environment of use. In this article, we will discover how long do galvanized steel roofs last.

It's time to change your wardrobe... Do you think that nothing fits you? Sure? Check your closet to see how many of these things you have to throw away NOW. Have you thought about the clothing accessories that you have in your closet and that you don't wear? In fact, it has been shown that we only wear 30% of the clothes we have. The reasons for keeping it are many: forgetfulness, pity, hope that it will go away again, neglect...

Say goodbye to salon trends that led us towards 'glam'. Quiet salons arrive that make us feel good and calm. Do you want to know what this trend is like and how to apply it at home? Keep reading! We had a season in which it seemed that we were going towards a 'new luxury. But we have fresh news: we say goodbye to ostentation. In the autumn-winter of 2022, a time of containment (even savings) is imposed, of connection with the natural and the essential. The ostentatious halls live low hours. "The new trend is committed to decorating the most important room in the house with few pieces and soft colors. The summary would be a room that makes you feel good. That invites you to a slow life ", says our Styling Director, Magda Martínez.

Every time we enjoy more time in the functional kitchen and we like that its decoration and functionality are up to the occasion. So we have x-rayed some projects that inspire us and provide us with good ideas and trends. We spend more and more time in the kitchen and that makes us more demanding when it comes to designing your space, always looking for style but also the functionality. So we have set out to x-ray some projects by interior designers and decorators looking for the trends and styles that are successful alongside the stove.