Small Bathrooms: take advantage of every last centimeter

Small bathroom ideas

Small Bathrooms: take advantage of every last centimeter

These 6 small bathrooms are small but they lack nothing. The key? Customized solutions and successful distribution.

Having a small bathroom does not mean having to give up a large and comfortable shower or a good bathroom cabinet. The key is a distribution that optimizes every corner of the space and gets the best out of it.

To help you make the most of your space, we’ve rounded up 6 small bathrooms under 6m2 with their floor plans. Surely you will get very good ideas to stretch every cm of yours.

A Well Used And Decorated Small Bathroom


This bathroom was designed by decorator Olga Gil-Vernet. Has a large built-in shower that takes advantage of the entire length of the bathroom. And its low wall does not reach the ceiling to give more space. Serves as a support for the large teak piece of furniture.

The decorator has played with a mix of styles, rustic and retro: “The tile and the built-in shower give it a rustic touch, while the aged brass taps and wall lights provide a stylish vintage touch.” And, as a neutral base, white, which, together with the large round mirrors, helps to expand the bathroom and multiply its clarity.

Small And Full Of Ideas To “Grow”

“To make better use of the space, we placed the bathtub below, which also benefits from the views, and we built in the taps on one side, freeing up the wall and achieving more visual amplitude,” explains decorator Asun Antó.

A large-format porcelain tile that imitates natural stone covers the floors, walls, and the skirt of the bathtub, creating a sense of visual continuity that helps the space “grow”. The large mirror, without a frame to make it lighter, also contributes to this.

A Small Built-In Bathroom With A Cream Total Look

The decorator Gloria Borràs optimized the few meters of this bathroom with a piece of furniture, equipped with a shelf and wooden drawers, and extended it as a multipurpose bench in the shower.

A lime-based coating has been combined in the sink and bench area, and a 120 x 120 cm porcelain tile on the shower wall, which is more exposed to water. But when the color is unified, even with the ceiling, a candy box effect is generated that expands the space.

A Minimal Bathroom Decorated Like A Large Bathroom

The decorator Marta Tobella decided to give about 50 cm of the shower to the adjoining bedroom to gain an extra closet for folded clothes. But she, in turn, enabled a complete closet in front of the toilet that, being hidden behind the door, is barely visible.

“To give it a decorative plus and a touch of color, we covered the shower wall with a brick-type tile that, laid joint breaker, creates this decorative drawing”. In addition, being enameled, it reflects light, and in this soft stone tone, it is warm and visually expands the space.

A Very Well Used Black And White Bathroom

The base of this bathroom is white, to gain spaciousness and lightness, and black has been reserved as a note of contrast and style so that the bathroom does not become too flat and aseptic.

“Thanks to the XL mirror, and to the gloss finish materials, such as subway tiles or lacquered furniture, which have a mirror effect,” explains decorator Jeanette Trending. The flown pieces give visual lightness and facilitate cleaning. By embedding the toilet tank, an extra shelf has been gained.

Small And With A Super Shower

In this small bathroom, microcement unifies walls and floors. And, being a continuous material, it visually expands the space and is very hygienic and easy to maintain, because it has no joints. The shower is very comfortable, goes from end to end, and has been closed with a sliding screen that guarantees more sealing and offers a very comfortable wide passage.

A niche allows you to have the gels at hand without taking up space or getting in the way. The black details are the current counterpoint to a bathroom that, with the sand microcement and the wooden furniture, could be somewhat rustic.


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