Hate Yoga? Try Out Seven Exciting Alternatives

Hate Yoga? Try Out Seven Exciting Alternatives

Yoga is a highly beneficial practice, but it is not for everyone. Perhaps your religious views do not allow you to practice Yoga, or maybe it is just not your cup of tea. This doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit in the same or a similar way from another form of exercise. You might be wondering what can you do instead of Yoga.

People who seek out alternatives might be (or might be not) looking for a form of exercise that is close to Yoga in terms of physical movements/motions, as well as in terms of outcomes, check here for more.

1: Ballet

Perhaps you took classes as a child or have simply marvelled at the beauty and rigour of professional ballerinas, but ballet is often thought of as a profession rather than an accessible form of exercise. In fact, there is now ample opportunity to master a plié, with adult ballet classes becoming more widely available.

  1. Climbing

Climbing and abseiling concentrate on strengthening each and every muscle, even the tiniest (yet often most important) ones, in a similar way to an all-over yoga routine. Meanwhile, a steely determination and bravery is required to carry oneself ever further off the ground – just think of the endorphin highs that will come once the summit is reached.

3: Parkour

Eschew stuffy studios and wrangling for mat space in favour of learning the basics of parkour, the discipline which uses swinging, rolling, running and jumping to navigate the urban landscape. It’s an impressively skillful art which will absorb all the power of your concentration and challenge your body in new thrilling and dynamic ways.

4: Contemporary Dance

With techniques borrowed from a rich variety of dance genres, from jazz to classical, contemporary dancers always exude an enviable sense of freedom and flow which each of us would surely love to learn to capture with our own bodies. There’s also an improvisational element which is sure to delight those in search of a new form of expression.

5: Trapeze
One of yoga’s most intriguing features is the way it pushes the body to its limits of flexibility and strength, whilst to the onlooker the movements are effortlessly graceful. There’s a similar dichotomy at play in the circus art of trapeze, which uses swings, ropes and silks to create artful air routines. Those who have taken up the trapeze and its gravity defying capabilities are evangelical about its transformative qualities for both mind and body.

6: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Many martial arts have the same age-old heritage and well established belief structures which often seem to set yoga apart. Originally derived from judo, Brazilian jiu jitsu prides itself on teaching weaker opponents to overcome stronger ones through perfected technique and highly-targeted moves. What’s more, the practice is a favourite among Hollywood actors such as Ashton Kutcher and Naomi Watts looking to prepare for roles in action films. There are games based on this arts on casinos online, and you can find them easily.

7: Pietra Fitness

Pietra Fitness is a firm favorite for many people. This particular practice is sometimes nicknamed “Catholic’s Yoga”. It is a unique style of exercise that has very similar physical motions to Yoga but is not Yoga itself.

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