Is cruiser bike good?

cruiser bike good

Is cruiser bike good?

While they may not be the first type of bike that comes to mind when you think about biking. Cruisers can make excellent additions to any cyclist’s collection. While they are typically used for more casual purposes. Many people find them quite helpful in commuting or running errands around town. So let’s take a look at the topic: are cruiser bikes good.

Is cruiser bike good?

Easy to ride

One of the biggest reasons people enjoy cruiser bikes is because they are very easy to ride. They have wide tires, which gently absorb bumps in the road. Making it comfortable for someone who may not be accustomed to riding or biking frequently. Their frames are also more upright than other types of bikes. Which means you don’t have to lean forward while riding.

Easy to maintain

While some other types of bikes require a periodic tune-up at the local bike shop. Cruiser bikes are much simpler to work on. With just a few tools and screws, you could perform many common fixes yourself. This is great for someone who is interested in biking. And doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on repairs.


Many cruiser bikes are considered works of art, so if you enjoy admiring your bike as much as using it. This could be the right type for you. These types of bikes come with baskets and other amenities. That gives them a stylish look that appeals to many biking enthusiasts.

Solid construction

One of the most important things that any cyclist will want when buying a new bicycle is solid construction and great design. So you know your money is going towards something dependable and efficient. A lot of cruisers are made using steel frames which can be upheld throughout constant use and occasional bumps and falls.

Easily customizable

While many other types of bicycles come with a lot of bells and whistles, cruisers are much more simplistic in their design. This means you can make your bike as simple or as fancy as you want by adding accessories such as baskets and music systems. This allows you to put your personal touch on your bike so it truly becomes an extension of you.


While cruisers are typically not used for long-distance rides, they can still go pretty fast when necessary. Since most cruisers only have one gear, the pedals move in a circular motion that allows you to pedal faster with less effort than other types of bikes. However, remember that this type of bicycle is not designed for speed, so you should only go as fast as necessary.

Weak brakes

While having solid and durable brakes is essential for any bike, cruisers are particularly susceptible to braking problems. This problem occurs because many cruiser bikes appear very similar to small motorcycles or mopeds due to their wide tires and low-riding design. Because of this, they may use the same brake pads found on motorcycles or scooters, which can wear out quickly when used on a bicycle.


While cruiser bikes are typically cheaper than other types of bicycles, you should still expect to pay several hundred dollars for a new one. Plus, these types of bikes tend to depreciate as soon as you buy them, so they would be a poor investment for someone looking to resell their bike later. Keep reading best cruiser motorcycles for women.


Despite being made from metal and rubber, cruiser bikes are surprisingly comfortable to ride. This means that you can use your cruiser even if you don’t do a lot of biking or you have a condition that makes traditional bicycles difficult to use.


Since cruiser bikes have steel frames and wide tires, they are typically quite heavy. While this doesn’t make them less functional as transportation, it can be problematic for those who may not easily lift their bike onto a car rack or store it when they are not using it.

If you are interested in buying a cruiser bike, you should consider several factors before purchasing. One to know your money is being well spent. First, make sure you know what type of terrain you will be using your bike on. So that you can purchase one that is designed for that surface. You should also consider how long and how often you plan to use your bicycle, as this will help determine which features are most important to you.

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