Ten keys to decorating a country house

Country house decoration

Ten keys to decorating a country house

Its decoration uses wood, stone, clay, and natural fabrics to warm all the rooms. We give you the keys to achieve a magazine country house, one of those that invites you to relax, beyond the rustic style.

The environment accompanies them. If there is one thing country house have, it is that they are always natural and comfortable, and this is influenced by both the architectural elements of the buildings and the materials used in the interior design. Its decoration uses wood, stone, clay, and natural fabrics to warm all the rooms. We give you the keys to achieve a magazine country house, one of those that invites you to relax, beyond the rustic style.

Colors And Fabrics

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Naturalness. Both in the fabrics -with texture and weave- (wool, cotton, linen) and in the shades. The rustic style trend of decades ago, based on dark woods, loud tones, and paintings, fell into oblivion. Now the rustic is clarified, although there are more striking pieces. Antique wooden furniture, painted in pastel colors, fit. White or washed or natural wood helps us achieve the effect we are after a calm environment. Brushstrokes of colors are added to that neutral base. The prints that triumph: flowers, stripes, and animal and botanical motifs.

The Dining Room

Construction solutions are a very appropriate option in country houses. Look at this image: in the background, a storage composition with an upper shelf and a vertical module to which a door has been incorporated as a showcase. This corner belongs to a dining room, decorated with rustic-style tables and chairs, although in a finish that rejuvenates its appearance: white and natural wood with a touch of color. Stylist tip: combine chairs of different designs, an original wink in the dining room that will not leave anyone indifferent. Paint the old wooden chairs in pastel colors.

In Contact With Nature

Outside, nature decorates itself. It is important that the furniture is resistant. Delimit a living or dining area with some shade, a different floor, or an outdoor rug. Place lanterns and many flowers.

Very Soft Garden Furniture

Fiber or wrought iron furniture for your porch or roof. Invest in cushions, cushions, and mats so that the outdoor furniture is also comfortable. You will surely spend hours contemplating the horizon. What can not be missing? A hammock. Photo, by Affari.


Exposed brick, stone, wooden beams, or vaults. These elements, finishes, and materials create a very special atmosphere. Recover them both on the walls and on the floors and ceilings. Restore the most damaged areas and let them become protagonists, it will be the perfect base on which to incorporate furniture and textiles. The wooden doors, windows, and shutters, with panels and ornaments, are unique pieces and so personal. Essential: a fireplace to warm the coldest evenings.

The Kitchen

Although with all the comforts, the kitchen also has a concrete style. Wood or masonry furniture where high-tech appliances are embedded. The curtains on the fronts have their charm as long as you take care of the choice of fabrics. What do you think if you install brick or brass hood over the kitchen? When the warehouse space allows it, it is advisable to dispense with high modules and replace them with showcases or just shelves. Hang some pieces of kitchenware and pots.

Lots Of Light

Natural light. Let it slip through the windows. Avoid curtains or place light net curtains. In the field, the light has more intensity and you have to take advantage of it. Also allow time to review artificial lighting. It should be dim and low for moments of relaxation, although it is always advisable to have general lights, which allow other tasks to be carried out with the appropriate lighting.

The Bedroom

The key to decorating this room is simplicity. Few pieces of furniture are enough: the bed, the nightstands, the wardrobe and, as extras, a chest of drawers, a coat rack or a bench. Neutral tones also predominate, the walls are not decorated in excess and the rugs have a reserved space, also to give warmth to the floors, generally made of cold materials.


Also here the furniture of work is a recurring option. The structural elements are integrated into the environment: vaults, stone, windows… Put a rustic touch on the cladding but don’t be afraid and combine them with current toilets and taps.

Elements Of The Field As Decoration

Recover elements related to life in the countryside: farming tools, hats, jugs, ceramic plates… and turn them into decorative objects. You will create a special atmosphere. In this corner, the wall is shaded under the brim of several straw hats. Photo, by Affari. Do you have an iron plate? A candle? They will be perfect in a corner on the floor or on a table with other more current deco accessories. Mix!


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