The best ceiling decoration ideas

Ceiling decoration ideas

The best ceiling decoration ideas

The world of decoration opens up great possibilities for us to get the most out of each space. On more than one occasion, we have talked about how to decorate walls but… what about the ceilings? Could we opt for an option that offers a new and different air to the room? At UXBAN we offer some ceiling decoration ideas and make them the real protagonists of the space. All of them, as we will see, help us create different styles depending on our tastes and trends in decoration.

The best ideas to decorate the ceilings

Best ceiling decoration

Ceiling Beams

The beams on the ceiling are a classic to offer a rustic touch to the space. Undoubtedly, it is a perfect option to create a cozy touch to the environment while giving that desired rural essence. The result is, as we can see, very stylish.

Wooden Roofs

Wood ceilings are also an excellent option to make them the protagonists of the space. And it is that they offer a differential touch to the space, at the same time that we make it the most welcoming place in the house. This wood can even be the same as that of the floor itself.

Vaulted Ceilings

Without a doubt, vaulted ceilings are one of the most unique options on this list. It becomes an ideal proposal for unique and luxury homes. Stone and exposed brick are surely its great allies. Isn’t that great?

Brick Or Stone Ceilings

Continuing with the previous idea, there is another possibility and that is that the ceilings of the room are made of stone or exposed brick. These types of rooms are fantastic for those of us who want to give them an industrial style, neo-rustic style, or, perhaps, a mix of styles.

Roofs Of Another Color

One of the formulas to create contrasts in interior design is breaking with color. Thus, we can choose a color that completely breaks with that of the walls and, thus, creates the desired contrast. It is an easy, fast and simple option.

Ceilings With Moldings

Although a priori they may seem like a somewhat classic decoration concept, the truth is that they can help us offer a different style to each of the spaces. The ceiling moldings can help us offer different styles and aesthetics in order to create distinguished environments.

Ceilings With Wallpaper

As we know, wallpapers are the order of the day but… have you considered having them on the ceiling? Surely you can help us customize a stay as we wish. It is only necessary to choose the pattern and the rest is an easy task.

Use To Store

In rooms with high ceilings, and even more so if they are sloping, a wardrobe all the way up is not comfortable, since reaching the upper shelves will seem like an odyssey. It is best to choose a cabinet that does fit in the space and use the upper part to place decorations or places some boxes with which to increase storage.

Paint The Ceiling A Darker Color

It is one of the cheapest resources to lower the roof. Choose a color darker than the walls and paint the ceiling. This trick is perfect for houses with rooms on two levels, but it works just as well in any type of room and with a very cozy result.

Make A Loft

When a room has very high ceilings, a good option to take advantage of that height that they grant us is to make a loft. Either to store things out of sight or as a small refuge safe from looks. Do it with a safety rail, especially if you put it in the children’s room. Safety first!

Or Simply With A Big Lamp

It does not have to be a designer lamp that you use to decorate a house with high ceilings. A classic, chandelier, like the one in the image, is imposing, elegant, and sumptuous. It will lower the height of the ceiling and raise the level and style of your house.


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