How to organize a messy garage?

organize a messy garage

How to organize a messy garage?

Currently, in homes, the garage often acts as a garage and as a storage room. It is possible to see boxes full of objects that are not often used and household appliances that do not work between its walls. Sometimes even the tools useful for DIY are stored. By reading this tutorial, you can have some tips and correct information on how to organize a messy garage.

How to organize a messy garage?

In order to properly arrange your garage, the first thing to do is an inventory of the objects. For this operation, it is advisable to separate all the materials that are used frequently compared to others that remain unused for a long time. The ideal is to place wooden or metal shelving with lots of boxes to put electronic objects, clothing, and equipment for the sea, sport, and free time inside. After this division has been carried out, the deteriorated material must be removed. Instead, objects such as paint cans, solvents, etc. must be stored in a flat and tall fiberglass cabinet.

Work in progress

To be able to face the decluttering phase (which means removing the confusion ) smoothly and without wasting time, organize, before starting, a fairly large work area, but being careful not to a hindrance to yourself or your neighbors. A lot more will come out of your garage than you think, and moving and relocating everything would be just a huge waste of energy. Your work area will preferably be placed on the floor, a free and extensive space to divide the objects according to their category (donate, sell, fix, throw …).

Dreams are desires

The most fun phase is the design, which is my dream for my garage. What do I want to do with it? What should it contain? How can I organize it? It’s time to reflect and focus on the areas in which the garage can be of support. It is also a time to understand if the other family members or those who share the spaces with me have ideas or claims about the garage. If the project is well thought out, there is room for everyone!

What does it have to do with it?

Even the garage is limited space, it can’t fit everything and I can’t find what I’m looking for if there is too much stuff. First of all, there must be a car (the garage was born with this function!). The motorbike or bicycle and its accessories, then a workbench and tools, sports equipment, seasonal objects, accessories and tools for a vegetable garden or garden … the garage can contain all this and much more, as long as it is well set up and well organized.

Shelves height

To complete the garage’s arrangement, it is advisable to take advantage of the height available to put shelves on which to store foods in oil, bottles of wine. With a functional environment free from bulky objects, it is advisable to place hook-shaped iron brackets on the walls; thus, you can support the bicycles or the boat. To optimize the garage space, it is preferable to make niches on the lower part of a wall and cover them with sliding doors. It is a way that can be used as an alternative to furniture or shelves for storing food.

Keep it clean

If you also have a moped in the garage in the garage, to save space, it is advisable to create a wooden or iron overpass on the bottom. This creates a lateral access ramp for the motor. It must be high enough to be able to enter the front of the car. If the floor is laid on an embankment, square or rectangular holes can be dug. They can then be covered with steel or fiberglass hatches. These holes can be used as a storage room; by doing this, the garage is further freed from bulky objects.

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