How to hang pictures without nails?

hang pictures without nails

How to hang pictures without nails?

The traditional solution of drilling the walls to hang pictures is increasingly obsolete, and not because we have lost the desire to decorate, but because making holes in the walls is increasingly a disadvantage. Today, our business and home are most likely not owned by us, so the landlord may not allow holes to be drilled or we may not want to leave marks that we have to fix later.

On the other hand, not everyone has a drill at home, plus it is noisy, dangerous, and very dirty. For all this, we show you how to hang pictures without nails. In addition to pictures, with these tricks you can also hang decorative hangers, shelves or boxes, they will stay in place without problems!

How to hang pictures without nails

1.     Frame fixers

You may not yet know of the existence of these tools to hang a picture. Picture fixers are crochet hooks, usually made of plastic and formed in one piece, that have two or three tiny teeth that you can place on any plaster or plasterboard wall. You only need to tap with a small hammer and the mark that will remain when you want to remove the frame or move it will be minimal.

These frame holders can support a weight of up to 4 kilos. But here’s the trick: if you link two together, they can support a weight of up to 8 kilos. Perfect if you are looking to hang heavy pictures!

2.     Easy hang

The easy-hangs are very similar to the previous ones but are better known. Although they are not suitable for harder surfaces like brick, they are also easy to install and leave an almost imperceptible mark when removed. The difference is in the form, a bit more complex, but very useful. They are like little thumbtacks that are attached to a plastic hook. They leave holes a little deeper than frame fixers but much less than a drill hole.

3.     Mounting adhesive

This is a very comfortable solution that works, above all, for smooth surfaces such as tiles or glass. The adhesive does not leave marks at all and its application is very simple. It is a paste similar to silicone that is usually sold in tubes. Follow these steps to use it:

  • Put a drop in each corner of the painting, stamp it on the wall and separate it again. This will leave the adhesive mark on the wall.
  • After a few seconds, the pasta will have dried a bit.
  • You just have to rejoin by matching the glue marks and pressing.

When you want to remove the painting, you only need to help yourself with a spatula and the adhesive will come off without leaving a mark. If you leave it, it will also be very easy to remove.

4.     Velcro straps

The velcro straps are similar to those worn by children’s shoes, but they are more resistant. When you look for them, you should look closely because each one supports a different weight. Some hold up to more than 7 kilos.

This solution for hanging a picture without nails is straightforward, but if your wall covering is made of simple, delicate paper or paint, it may peel when you try to remove them.

5.     Picture hanging hooks

Adhesive hooks are perhaps the best known for hanging pictures without bald spots, but they are no less useful and resistant for that. It is a very comfortable way to place a frame of up to 4 kilos, which is really not light. Although it is not as much as other options can support, it is the easiest and most economical to decorate any space with simple details and hang hangers for necklaces or face towels.

6.     Double-sided tapes

Double-sided adhesive tapes are one of the most used options. Perhaps they are because of the confidence they generate since they are quite resistant, comfortable, and practical.

There are very simple ones to support small decorative objects and ultra-strong fixation, which hold up to 7 kilos. The biggest advantage of this way of hanging pictures without nails is that they go very well for outdoor spaces since they are also resistant to different temperatures and humidity.

7.     Adhesive straps

These tapes provide a solution very similar to that of the velcro, only that they can support more weight. The only important thing to keep in mind is that they are more recommended for surfaces such as tiles since they could leave marks on other types of walls.

8.     Guides or rails

It may seem like a strange option, but it is widely used in places like museums. These are rails attached to the end of the wall or directly to the ceiling and hang metal wires at the ends of which the paintings will be attached. It must be installed with small holes but nothing aggressive.

If you decide to dare with this idea, it is a very original way to hang the pictures of your home or your premises. This way of decorating the wall gives it a touch of industrial and modern style that, also, will allow you to change the place of the paintings as many times as you want, without having to remove a single nail or take off a drop of glue. The wall will have been intact!

9.     Makeshift shelves

We have just given you 8 solutions to hang heavy pictures without nails, without drilling, without dirt, in a fast and comfortable way. But we want to give you one more: the makeshift shelves.

At home, we have natural or well-established places where a painting can be beautiful. On a shelf, on the fireplace, on the side table, or even on the floor next to the plants. If you are one of those who is not quite with the decoration of the house and who likes to try new and daring things, you will love this.

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