Check your closet: 11 things you should throw out

Check your closet and clean

Check your closet: 11 things you should throw out

It’s time to change your wardrobe… Do you think that nothing fits you? Sure? Check your closet to see how many of these things you have to throw away NOW.

Have you thought about the clothing accessories that you have in your closet and that you don’t wear? In fact, it has been shown that we only wear 30% of the clothes we have. The reasons for keeping it are many: forgetfulness, pity, hope that it will go away again, neglect…

Ideally, every six months (with the two major changes in season) you should do a thorough cleaning of your closet to eliminate any once-for-all those things that you don’t wear and are taking away valuable space.

You could join the trend of capsule wardrobes that bets on having a limited number of clothes in the closet. Quality garments and easy to combine with each other that allow you many outfits without having to have the closet to the brim. Are you in at least is it more? This is what you should eliminate from your closet, you decide if you donate it, throw it away, or sell it.

Those Pants That Are Not Retro Or Vintage, That Are Old-Fashioned

If it doesn’t wear and looks old, you’re not going to wear it. The basics, such as a white shirt or a black dress, do not go out of style, but there are other garments that do not stand the test of time so well. Clothing firms are very clever and cyclically change clothing patterns so that, horror, those pants look super wide or that shirt too short.

High School Pajamas

“It’s just that it’s so comfortable, it’s that it suits me so well…”. No. What happens to old pajamas is that they are dilapidated and worn from so many uses and washings. In addition, the most likely thing is that its pattern is not the most appropriate for a person your age. Say goodbye to them because not even at night should you lose style.

Eighties Necklaces And Broken Jewelry

It may be that you keep it out of pity, thinking that you are going to fix it or because you had forgotten that it existed. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings… they take up more space than you think and, poorly organized, they are visual noise inside the closet. So say a grateful goodbye to them, Marie Kondo-style.

Old Tracksuits From Walking Around The House

Do you really need all that drawers for clothes to walk around the house? Wide T-shirts, clothes that you no longer wear for the street and you don’t want to throw away, old tracksuits … Even if you’re at home, you should look cute and not with those relics. Save space and say goodbye to those clothes that, in addition, do not suit you at all.

Sunglasses From The Last Century

Do not keep your glasses out of pity and nostalgia, or slightly outdated sunglasses in case they are worn again. At the most, save some prescription glasses (in case the ones you’re wearing break) and only the sunglasses you’re still willing to wear. The rest, throw them away.

Bags You Haven’t Used In 4 Years

We are not telling you to throw away a good leather bag of those classics that you can wear on a special occasion, but those bags that you keep just because and that you haven’t used for years (you don’t even remember them). What is the best way to store bags? The soft ones inside the rigid ones and the small ones in a grouped tray or basket.

Clothes For When You Lose Weight

Either because it looks huge on you or because you haven’t been able to button the button for centuries. If you have clothes that, directly, are not your size, it does not paint anything in your closet. Sell ​​it or give it to someone who can take advantage of it.

Socks Without A Partner And A Hole

Don’t keep your mismatched socks thinking that one day you’ll leave singlehood. If you haven’t found your partner for a long time, it’s probably because you’ve lost your way. Nor should you speed up its useful life until the odd hole appears. So each sheep with his partner and always perfect. Also, if you keep them vertical, they take up less space and are easier to find.

Clothes You Don’t Know How To Combine

Sometimes it happens, suddenly you buy something very different from everything you have because it is worn or, at that moment, you thought you were going to wear it. And then every time you try to combine it, you don’t know what to wear it with. If the months go by and you still can’t find your outfit, it’s best that you get rid of that garment.

Have You Not Worn That Jacket For More Than A Year?

If you no longer remember that you had that jacket or those pants, the most likely thing is that you just don’t like them. Say goodbye to the clothes that you are sure you are not going to wear again and leave on hold those that you really like but doubt. If in 2-3 months you haven’t put them on, say goodbye.

The Clothes That You Have To Fix And Never Fix

If they are simple fixes, such as sewing on a button or a tear, you can fix it yourself. But if you’ve been saving that skirt or shirt for a long time to take it to the seamstress to tuck it in a bit or to raise the hem, to make it midi, it’s best to take the opportunity to donate it. I’m sure someone likes it just the way it is.


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