Ten Ideas for decorating modern kitchen

Decorating modern kitchen

Ten Ideas for decorating modern kitchen

Are you thinking of renewing the decoration and style of the modern kitchen? Before you start, remember that the success of a remodeling must focus on its functionality, ease of order, durable finishes, where you feel comfortable and can reflect your personality.

First of all, modern kitchen decorating trends are always changing and evolving, so we have put together a list of the latest decorating ideas.

Kitchen Decoration: Mediterranean Style

Modern kitchen ideas

The Mediterranean style undoubtedly turns out to be very attractive and full of authenticity to decorate your kitchen. This style is inspired by the maritime and cultural wealth of southern Europe.

A very simple way to adapt this style is to use kitchen tiles or adhesive tiles with designs and patterns inspired by Mediterranean culture. You may be interested in reading How to improve kitchen decoration with vinyl?

Small Kitchens Full Of Style

Small kitchens with a suitable design and decoration, manage to reflect elegance, modernity, and creativity in a few square meters. The main thing is to choose colors that allow gaining luminosity and visual amplitude; white, beige, or cream tones are some options.

A perfect idea to add your personal touch to the decoration of small kitchens is to use adhesive vinyl. One of the advantages of this material is that it does not take up volume. And easily installed in a matter of minutes on any smooth surface such as windows, tiles, or furniture. What do you think of this Doodle-inspired kitchen wall sticker design?

Fill out the following form, if you want a personalized vinyl design made entirely to your measure. Our team of designers will be delighted to collaborate with you:

Cozy Kitchens With Wood

An element that undoubtedly brings warmth to the decoration of your kitchen is wood. Incorporating it in furniture, shelves or small auxiliary dining rooms is ideal for making your kitchen a much more welcoming space.

Using warm artificial light sources, such as light bulbs or lamps in your kitchen will also help make this a more pleasant and pleasant space.

Color For Modern Kitchens

If you are one of the people who like risky ideas and are looking for an irreverent and captivating decoration, these ideas will surely serve as a lot of inspiration.

cake kitchen

Pastel colors express softness and freshness. Including them in the decoration is an alternative to give a touch of color, dynamism, and joy to your kitchen. This range of colors is very versatile and modern, additionally, they achieve a delicate and stylish finish in the decoration.

contrast colors

Adding color combinations to shelves and cabinets is a starting point for creating novel kitchen décor. You can choose a decoration combining colors and patterns.

Vinyl For Fridge

Appliances do not have to be generic and boring, on the contrary, they are the perfect piece to add that extra touch to the decoration of your kitchen. At Adagio, you can find various vinyl decal designs perfect for personalizing your fridge, washing machine, and microwave ovens.

Color Details

If the walls of your kitchen and furniture are white or in neutral tones, you can add color details to utensils such as pots. condiment shakers and even electrical appliances. I assure you that you are going to love the color of the stove that they chose to decorate this kitchen.

Open Kitchens (American Kitchen)

The idea of ​​​​implementing the concept of the open kitchen or American type arises because today; Cooking is increasingly understood as a social act between cooks and diners. No longer an isolated process from the other areas of the home.

Additionally, this type of design offers a larger and surely more illuminated space. Now, if you are wondering how to delimit the kitchen and dining room space, our advice is to do it subtly. These are some clear examples of how to achieve a harmonious union between spaces.

Very White White Kitchens

White is the perfect color to use in kitchens, it is associated with cleanliness, order, and sophistication. One of the advantages of designing a completely white kitchen is that it expands spaces, brings light, and transmits peace and relaxation.

If you want to nuance the white a bit, add subtle elements of color on shelves, furniture, lamps, or chairs. This will add touches of warmth to the decoration of your kitchen without losing all the advantages that the white color offers.

Metallic Finish Furniture

The furniture, shelves, chairs, and countertops with a metallic finish are synonymous with modernity and elegance in the decoration of your modern kitchen. This type of finish on the furniture gives a certain air of sophistication to the decoration of your space.

Marble is a material that goes very well with this type of finish. Use it on countertops and your kitchen will leave more than one person speechless.

Adhesive Boards For Kitchens

If white walls bore you and you need to create a creative and original space, what you need is to use adhesive whiteboards for modern kitchen. These will allow you to keep in mind everything you want. From the shopping list to the pending tasks, or even leave special notes for your family.

The material of these adhesive boards is resistant, easy to install, and clean. Best of all, you can use different colored chalk, this will help you remember certain tasks.

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