Shark Vacuum Overheating Problem Quick Fix Guideline

Shark Vacuum Overheating Problem guide

Shark Vacuum Overheating Problem Quick Fix Guideline

Today we are going to address a shark vacuum that shuts off when you’re using it because it’s overheating. So, what can happen with a vacuum?

If you’re shutting off in this particular, one is a shark and it’s can be common to happen with sharks because they can tend to clog up fairly easily.

Basic Step

Sometimes shark vacuum overheats and it’s a common problem no need to worry about that. If it overheats your first duty is to switch off your shark vacuum and unplug it immediately.

Then check your shark vacuum dust cup, if there is any blockage or dirt just clean it. Check all of your shark vacuum filters if there is any dirt just clean it.

Finally, release your shark vacuum to cool and that’s the basic work you have to do.

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Check Blockage

If your vacuum cleaner is shutting off on you, it’s most likely has a clog or a blockage somewhere. if you’ve checked your filters and those are clean, then you most likely have a clog.

So, I’m going to show you a couple of places to look for that and what we can do is we can break it down.

This is a rotator and so this one has a button here where it says lift away here and so we can pick that up and what you can do is you can look down there and you can drop something through there to see if it comes through the other side and this one doesn’t and we see we have a clog right there.

Now it’s not always just one clog that you are going to find. So don’t assume that a, you clear that out. Don’t assume that everything else is clear.

Check the Hose

So, the next thing that you want to check is your hose and on the sharks there’s debris is coming up through here, going all the way up this wand.

Then turning at the handle, making a 90-degree turn so things can get stuck here and then going all the way back down here, making another 90-degree turn coming up to here to go into your dirt bin.

So, there are many places for sharks to clog because of all the 90-degree turns. Now what you want to do next is hit the lift.

Your wand release button here, and then you can pick this and you can pull this one out and then you can disconnect this and check through and check through here to make sure you don’t have anything stuck in your wand.

Then you need to check your hose so you can unplug it here. But the easiest thing to do is actually to pull it back and hit the button and then pull this out.

So, and then you can see actually we have a clock right here. So, if you have another vacuum cleaner, you can backflush it.

You know unclogging a vacuum hose plainer can be kind of tricky because you can sometimes not reach, not be able to reach the debris that’s stuck in a hose like this.

So that’s where having another vacuum cleaner is quite handy.

So, I’m going to backflush it with a more powerful central vac, and that will, that should get us and removed with the clock.

So now that you have removed the blockage from your hose, either through using a wire hanger or, using another vacuum to backflush it.

hopefully, you’re able to get it out. Sometimes it can be tricky and just to verify that you do have it cleared and it’s a good idea to drop something through, to see if it comes out the other side, then you know that you have a line here.

Then you can go ahead and just put it back together. You can pop this back in place. Put your hose back on and then it’s a good time to clean your filters.

If your filters are dirty, go ahead and clean those. And then I’ll show you how to open this up here. You can unlock this by twisting it like that and then you can.

Just lift it up, make sure you have it unlocked. There we go. I had it in the lock position on this side. So, so now we have another blockage in here as well and so we’ll backflush this.

Then you can do the same thing, drop something through, see if it comes up the other side. So that’s how you can and locate and remove a clog on a vacuum cleaner.


If it is shutting off on you, I hope this helps have a great day and if you want to learn more check our vacuuming blog hopefully you have got some amazing information.

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